What Does the “S” on Certain Chimneys Stand For?

805 Soledad Avenue has an “S” on the chimney. I see this “S” all over San Roque, the Westside, and other places. It seems to be mainly on 1930s houses, many of which lean toward Tudor styles. Is it a builder’s signature? —S.

I tried asking local architectural historians, but they never responded. No matter, Wikipedia has the answer: “An anchor plate, floor plate, or wall washer is a large plate or washer connected to a tie rod or bolt. Anchor plates are used on exterior walls of masonry buildings, for structural reinforcement against lateral bowing. Anchor plates are made of cast iron, sometimes wrought iron or steel, and are often made in a decorative style.”

“These metal fixtures […] can be shaped like letters (especially S’s and X’s), symbols, stars, and other designs,” adds House Digest. “They’re commonly found on the oldest homes in America and were used to offer significant protection from natural disasters.”

And from 99% Invisible: “Star bolts (and other shapes) are a common engineering retrofit, running through the brick and connecting facades to the joists behind the brick to stabilize things. Sometimes, bulged bricks need to be pushed back into place first, depending on the extent of the issue. Rods are then threaded through and held in tension by washers. The surface plates then spread the tension load across multiple bricks. A star shape can do the job well, reaching out in multiple directions at once while also looking intentional in various orientations (whereas squares can look strange when spun in different directions). […] Particularly in Europe, there are older, more sophisticated and stylized shapes as well, often made of cast or wrought iron rather than steel. Like concrete, brick works well in compression but not in tension, so pairing it with metal (which works well in tension) makes a lot of sense.”

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