What’s the Large Building Under Construction Next to Highway 101?

I’ve been wondering what the story is with the metal building going up next to Highway 101 at the southbound Patterson exit. Is it Caltrans? Union Pacific? —J.

I wasn’t sure what J. was asking about, so I drove over, and it’s hard to miss—the structure is right up on the road, as if you’re in L.A. It’s also difficult to take a photo of from the freeway, and you should never do such a thing while driving.

Then I drove around the other side, where a sign identified the address as 10 S. Kellogg Avenue and ARCO/Murray as the contractor. There was no one around to ask, but Google had the answer: the website for Scottsdale-based 1784 Holdings says that the site will be Goleta Self Storage, due to be completed in the fall. The lot is apparently 2.06 acres, the size of the structure is approximately 135,337 gross square feet (97,787 leasable square feet), with around 1,023 units on four levels (one of which is below ground). And there’s even a rendering.

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Farfalla Borah

Thank you so much! I’ve been so puzzled by that project every time I drive by.


I’d love to know how they are allowed to build so close to both the freeway and the train tracks!? Very strange to me, as no other buildings are that close to either.

Joan Swift

I’ve heard rumors that the current management at Bellosguardo is under investigation. Is there any truth to this?

Erik Torkells

Who knows? There’s no point in asking, because if the airline is planning on reinstating service, it’ll wait to announce the plan when it suits them.