Great read as always! My parents are in Portugal and enjoyed the article also. They report that you are spot on about the sidewalks.
Hi Rob, Is the architect and his staff liked by the workers?
That’ll depend on how long the permitting process takes.
Would love to share the amazing property I just closed 'off market' on Pomar Lane after 7 offers for $8,088,000. Where to send information and photos? Maryanne Brillhart MB Properties [email protected]
Any idea when this is scheduled to begin development?
Ditto the other two comments. Wonderful to see this country! Thanks!
Hotel Santa Barbara. 533 State St.
This was a fantastic article with great photos. Wow.
Thank you again Erik! I love your travel reporting.
A Michelin star from Montesano Group? That’s a stretch. The food at Lucky’s has devolved to tasting and looking like it fell off a Sysco truck. It used to be good. It’s practically inedible these days.
Sounds like you have little to know information and you are clearly making assumptions.
It isn't a sob story. You didn't have to repeat his awful words. Time to try a little humanity toward others, don't you think?
I was referring to Germany’s misguided and premature decommissioning of nuclear in the 2010s which led directly to filling the gaps by burning more coal. You can see the compensation here:
They most likely were designed after pressure cookers, why mess with perfection? But FWIW, the T1 repeater cans don't just keep out the rain, they are actually pressurized with inert nitrogen gas. Sensors inside monitor the can's pressure so the telco knows if one springs a leak before moisture gets in and destroys all the expensive goodies inside.
Just quoting the Sima guy who said it- Jim Knell. Take your sob story to him
What a horrible thing to say about fellow human beings.
I think that's the Carpe Data office window on the 3rd floor. The Lululemon building, on state and De La Guerra.
All those homeless will probably just move up the block a few feet to Starbucks.
Where will all the filthy folk go now?
Agreed. Wholeheartedly.
The FS is currently under contract to be sold. You can bet the new owners will be tasked with bringing the decor & furnishings up to FS brand standard.
I have been hoping this McDonald’s would close for years. It’s been such a blight on an otherwise great block. Hallelujah.
Warner Ebbink, the owner of Little Dom’s Seafood on Linden Avenue, urged the council during public comment to pass an ordinance limiting new chain businesses in the city. Ebbink expressed concern that real estate changes in Carpinteria could lead to more chain stores. “There are really expensive pieces of prime commercial real estate (in Carpinteria) that are going to start changing hands,” Ebbink said. “That’s not going to be a mom-and-pop business that goes in there – they can’t pay the rent.” So… next in the council’s agenda will be setting a limit on rents that can be charged, right? These seem like two issues. On the one hand, Carp is saying they don’t want chain restaurants, and on the other, the local restaurants are saying that new real estate transactions will leave the rents too high for those allowed operators? So… if the properties change hands, but no one can pay the rent, will the locations remain empty?
Between the $10 pork chop or NY strip steak, I'm not sure what to order at Finch & Fork! Everything on that menu is $10, must have gotten out before it was proofread. Maybe I should head to the Rodeo Room for some Germs on my salad. I really hope these places pay more attention to detail with their food.
100% agreed Ab-1680 is a joke and a sad one! Keep the HR gates closed! Beaches are already public you just gta work to experience them! Makes it more fun! Keep gates closed!