According to Zillow, the property ("0 More Mesa") is still in escrow: I'm afraid I have no way of finding out who the potential buyer is.
Hello - I read on this site that More Mesa was in escrow, however could not find anything on the MLS. Do you know if this is still in escrow? And who the buyer is? Thanks!
Now is the time to discuss all aspects of this hostel purchase because, evidently, there is not an actual offer in place at this time (unless under the table). Therefore, in my opinion, we have to make noise. I second Dan O. Seibert in the absurdity of such purchase in this area. Regardless of one's thoughts regarding the unhoused population--although I would think we all are in agreement that there has to be something done with the crisis--yet spending over 3 million dollars on a 25 bed "bridge- shelter" in this prime real estate location; the entrance to the hub of the city via the train station; a neighbor to the kid's museum The Moxie, makes absolutely no sense. I believe our property tax dollars could be spent in a much more prudent and efficient way in another location. Please. voice your opinion.
The county is crazy to buy this for a transition home. Good lord. . . when did Gregg Hart lose his mind. It's the most prime real estate. How about the Dario Pini hotel on State near Sola? Buy Dario's property for 4.7 million.
What’s happening at Mackenzie market
Please have "Erik" contact me regarding the triangle...
Weird idea. 2 lounges and only 14 rooms? Let's see if it goes though review.
The Biltmore story is deeper than you know. Many employees that have been there 30-plus years have gotten the shaft. Thanks to Ty Warner. Sad.
hehe. "don't @" you! I hope the Biltmore will come back. Such a wonderful property with so much history.
A few thoughts: Make the Biltmore classy again! I’d love to see it returned to something truly elegant. Anyone else remember when the front dining room which has lately been some red and cheetah print Moroccan-style bar (ok I haven’t been there in years but that’s what it was looking like last time I saw it) was a beautiful, classic place to have tea? A remodel for the restaurant would be great, too. I love the Biltmore and hope to see it back soon. Second, the Mission is great. Check it out! My favorite, however, is La Purisima. I think you posted about this? Last, I’ve been wondering about the history of these street stamps. We live in the area and I’m intrigued. De La Vina is stamped as Hollister Ave. and W. Padre is stamped as 1st St. (I think). I also love the Pike cement stamps you find in the upper east and downtown. Have you seen those? It’s two fish and very cool looking. It’s little textural and historical details like this that I love and am already preemptively mourning the loss of with time. There is a notable one on Los Olivos right before you hit the Rose Garden if you’re curious.
"word vomit" hehe!
This is great info, thanks! We were actually just talking about heading out there again.
Erik, the Buckhorn would be a perfect spot to stay if your outdoorsy or love beautiful natural scenery. Some of the most beautiful untouched areas in California are within 30 minute drive from the motel. Try Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Los Padres National Forest, Wind Wolves Reserve, or Carrizo Plain National Monument where one can find great hikes, amazing wildflowers, Native American sites, and actually see the San Andreas Fault line. A section of the new 400 mile Condor Trail traverses nearby. Other great little 'oil' towns are nearby including Taft where an oil museum is located and the first oil well in the state is located. A very bizarre but worthwhile scenery to drive through all the oil wells as the road winds up the slope and provides for outstanding views of the entire Bakersfield valley.
Franchesci House?
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Franceschi Park! What an amazing life the Dr. led.
The COVID rules were not oppressive nor arbitrary. They were painful, but necessary. Reporters were just reporting the news, and businesses not caring for their customer's health, well, that is news.
Actually, I wouldn’t think a restaurant who pushes against oppressive COVID rules to be lax in other areas. In fact, I’d be more inclined to think they are working hard to survive. Just because a business chooses not to follow arbitrary regulations unproven to make a difference doesn’t mean they are unsafe overall. However, I do question the tattle tale mentality of reporters who wrote the story for the Independent and your reposting of it here.
513 Crocker Sperry, and its next door neighbor 499, used to be owned by the club, and used as rentals. Note the spacing of the bedrooms, all have their own bathrooms also. Hence the strange floor plan.
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The menu is quirky at 4 Eggs & Pizza. The owners are newly transplanted from Utah, where they operated a Pizza place. They wanted to do more international flavours as well here in town. I am intrigued by the Duck Hash on their brunch menu.
Parking is already an issue - so turning half the parking lot into outdoor dining sounds fine until you have to find a parking place - I guess you could ride your bike but most of the people I’ve polled are from out it town.
That sconce is left over from Left at Albuquerque.
This project appears to only use the north side of the building, which would leave the Santa Barbara Rock Gym unaffected.
Appreciate all the updates. Curious whether plan details mention any impact to the SB Rock Gym?
This is a great article on Old Town Goleta. I learn something new on every one of your walks. I especially like all the pictures. Thank you for bringing a witty and fresh angle to the SB area.
Don’t think you missed a thing! Thanks for letting me join you.