I like stories about the old days, does anyone know what happened to the green neon sign that was in front of El Encanto hotel?
A.T. That’s exactly my point.
I had no idea this was in Goleta! Fascinating!! Love your photos - thank you Siteline!
— Brett Vapnek on
my kids love the beer and burgers at brass beer....they usually stop yelling and screaming as soon as the beer arrives....we are looking forward to having them move closer to our neighborhood. FYI...A beer and burger joint is definitely not where I would go for a quiet romantic dinner date?
I've fallen in. Thank you for this absolutely stunning and inspirational Site Visit. I would love for my son to have a tour if there is ever the opportunity. He is an architecture student and a sailor.
— Martee' Andresen on
There’s a “huge grassy area” at the Cafe Stella space?
I agree with your husband. The sign looks great! Love the colors, too. It’s nice to see things of numerous eras preserved.
that El Prado sign is the original one that hung for many years until they pulled it down to recondition it for this remodel. the EP motel was famous in its cheaper days as a crash pad for bands that came to town to play. plus, Cantwell’s used to be a dance club and bar back in the 70’s.
Thank you for this photo tour! Incredible! Jamie
P.D. Why not enjoy this establishment as it is in the funk zone and pray that owners are aware of need for a nice place where you can take that special someone in your life for a quiet romantic dinner in this neighborhood. ✌️ peace out.
Can’t wait to see my kids and their friends running around that huge grassy area while I enjoy a beverage, man. If you don’t like it, go to the other 99% of bars that don’t allow kids!
Thanks! The premade burritos never held the same appeal for me, but they'd certainly do in a pinch.
I hope brass bear keeps in mind that San Roque deserves a place where adults can enjoy a nice meal without kids yelling and screaming like they do in their other location.
Hi Erik! Maybe you knew this but Mony’s bfast burritos are available (have been for some time) at Dart’s in the AM! ☺️
the 805 is bomb proof, right?
So sad to hear about Bennett’s closing! It was my favorite go to place for birthday gifts that they always wrapped for free. It was also very handy for supplies when we were homeschooling. This gem will be missed!
Not sure how long (In)Larkin will last charging $198 for a straw hat and $138 for a tank top. Yikes!
You got it!
— Erik Torkells on
Presidio Guard House....
It is part of the painted signage on the wall of The Guard House
I am looking forward to seeing the house flippers in dire straights when the music stops. Forgotten is the fact that the Montecito market can be very challenging during normal times and unloading properties for twice what you paid 6 months prior isn't going to happen.
Still sad about Empty Bowl not making it at that location. Maybe should have used Empty Bowl name instead of new unfamiliar name?
Vandenberg has really changed!
There’s a pool and a spa
We enjoy your columns soooo much. Thx.