What a bizarre and mean spirited way to refer to a wonderful local couple who run two great shops, know all their customers by name, and offer a damn good cup of coffee.
Welcome to Edhat.
ditto that! keep those snobs on De La Vina
Good point!!
I may have missed it, but another interesting topic for sideline to explore might be the bungalow courts dotted all over town. They are varied and (mostly) charming. This newsletter is something I look forward to. Thanks!
Hi There- Perhaps you already covered where the old round house (for trains) was along East Beach? I am 73 now and remember how fascinated I was with the site as a first grader at Roosevelt Elementary school in 1956. If you have photos and notes, I would love to see them. thanks, Masha Rosenthal
You are correct about this plate and the owner making a fun play! Mazda Miata MX-5 models were first sold in 1990 as "NA" models (known for their pop-up headlights), replaced by the second-gen "NB" in 1999 and sold until 2005. The third-gen "NC" from 2006-2014. Current models (including the new RF version) are fourth-gen "ND" variants.
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I do know some history of the subdivision that used to be known as "San Marcos Gardens," just three streets by two (Verano, Rosario, and Consuelo by Primavera and San Martin). Built during 1958-60, it didn't have either Hwy 154 going through it (extension built in the late 1960s) or the San Vicente mobile home park behind (built in the late 1970s). It also has the Verano Courtyards apartment development at the end of La Colina and Verano. The properties on the western side of Consuelo mark a western boundary of the City of SB. In the late 1960s, Hwy 154 was extended to reach Hwy 101. Previously, it terminated at Cathedral Oaks/Foothill. As part of that expansion, the homes on the eastern side of Verano were actually moved! Makes sense, as they were not even a decade old. You can find them on Yaple Ave (just west of Turnpike, south of Cathedral Oaks). The last original resident on Verano recently passed away, but for decades the homeowners remaining on Verano would undertake the upkeep of the sidewalk on the "far" side of Verano in honor of their former neighbors (now up to CalTrans as part of Hwy 154 property). In the late 1970s, when San Vicente MHP was being built on a former open space (which the properties on Consuelo backed onto), St Vincent's gave up a slice of their property to the homes on Consuelo, effectively moving the boundary of the properties (and the City of SB) slightly west. Currently, CalTrans is updating (and beautifying) the overpasses at Primavera and La Colina. The area is a part of the Hope School District and has Bishop Diego HS and La Colina JHS nearby.
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So glad the Handlebars backed out. As a neighbor this area is not suited for a busy coffee shop or traffic with more than 5 vehicles. The high school students learning to drive (2 wrecks myself from students) and the concert season parking limitations onsite and virtually no street parking I welcome the Smog-it shop and will use them when needed.
It’s such a lovely building and courtyard. My first job out of UCSB was at the newly opened 1129 restaurant in the mid 70’s. The courtyard was a great place to dine.
Saw what is now the new smog place yesterday and I’m at a loss for words. What the heck?!! Disgusted.
Oh my god. I wish you were kidding about the Anapamu/Milpas location. What awful news! 😩
#1 is Hotel Virginia on Haley Street
Loved this article! I live in the “Smurfs condos,” and have walked up and down El Sueno often; it is indeed an interesting area! Thanks for venturing out here and sharing your thoughts. :)
#4 is State and Haley building where Cold Stone and Hibachi is now.
#2 is an adobe, maybe the Carrillo adobe. It is behind Montecito Bank and Trust at the corner of Carrillo and State. In my day that was the County National Bank . In more recent years the adobe was the home of the Santa Barbara Foundation.
Number 7 is at 936 State Street, at the corner of State and Carrillo (currently U.S. Bank).
#5 is the 900 block of State, where the Italian Pottery Outlet currently resides. Very distinctive facade!
#3 is the San Marcos Building at Anapamu / State. Here is a great photo of the courtyard from 1933: https://digital.library.ucla.edu/catalog/ark:/21198/zz002b6cq3
Number six is 430 and 432 State St. For several years in the 70s and 80s my former husband and I owned this building where he used the 430 side for his graphic design studio. When we bought it in 1978 it was a church, complete with a very large baptismal pool in the back of the building!
And people who missed the pass exit and have double back
The Mazda internal reference code for the third generation of Mazda Miata is "NC" so I believe the plate is a fun play on that.
I've always thought the same, it's not meant for people who live here I guess, which is unfortunate since we're the ones that would actually keep businesses alive through slow tourist times. I remember when happy hours were actually after business hours, sigh.
The predominant user of the exit is north-bound 101 traffic going to the multitude of county offices and the dump to the west of el sueno. The jail, the dump, the county road yard, elections, VA clinic, public wealth, behavioral health & wellness, air pollution control, ag commissioner, architectural archives, and the dept. of social services are all located at the county complex.
$1500 is the new entry level for any 5star hotel, anywhere in the world. Look at any luxury resort, hotel or inn anywhere nice and you will find prices starting around this figure and going as far as you can count... Today's wealthy do not care about $100's or $1000's. They just want the nicest experience possible and they'll pay no matter what the cost.