Interesting, well written, very topical articles.
LA is moving in .....and taken over carp and SB. Dom’s seafood 2🌟out of 10 Miramar -more Birkin bags than face masks Buying up real estate ... what’s next!!!
Your Interesting Choices is a riot ! Happy Siteline has such personality ! Totally dig it !
UCLA Medical is coming to SB: Montecito Primary & Specialty Care - Summer 2020 Santa Barbara Cancer Care - Fall 2020
When will the brick and mortar store open to the public?
I’m sorry to see yet another business close. I have long thought 1309 State would make a killer apartment, though.
A commenter on EdHat says they know the Karen and she’s actually mentally ill. I’m inclined to believe that.
Was this comment really necessary?
You're better off trying to email the store directly at [email protected] (although they never responded to me, so don't hold your breath).
I'd like to come show you a few small Summerland watercolors you might like to have for sale on your store.
We don’t need another low pigeon
I hear Low Pigeon is going in the Anacapa space which would be awesome. It seems they're the only ones that know what they're doing when it comes to properly roasted coffee.
We can’t wait! Best wishes with your new endeavors!
The X shape is very odd. There's also something hugely unappealing about buying produce in front of Marshall's and the filthy public bathrooms next door. I've seen human feces in front of that store multiple times, including on the columns and walls. Nothing magical about the current location so I don't oppose a move, but this feels strange.
The aesthetics are all wrong. I'm a mid 30s pro-development native (who left for NYC + London for 15 years - happy to be back). I'd like to see a lot more high-density housing built downtown, and the funk zone continue to grow and be developed. But everything from the name to the cheesy murals and the POMO building toppers is out of step with anything that feels "Santa Barbara." This looks like something proposed to reinvigorate the downtown core of some failed rust belt city in 2011. I also fundamentally disagree with the proposal to raze an entire square block given that at least a few of the existing structures could be preserved to add the texture the developer is going for with the variation in size/etc. between buildings, while maintaining essential character and some history. This is the rare instance in which I hope all of the architectural committees, etc. are as tough as can be and do not let this pass in its current form.
I've always wondered about these!
Others doing biz: Restaurant Roy - Take out Sushi GoGo in the harbor - takeout Duo Catering is doing meals to go (maybe delivery) Savoy Cafe - Secret TP location, 3 rolls max (and hot to-go food) And let's not forget our amazing Farmer's Market with the best produce and meat in town. ... and, the Saturday fish market on the Navy Pier in front of Brophy's restaurant.
Pepper Hill is lovely. Could you ever imagine living there?
Love these posts - thank you
Good luck in Santa Barbara from a 42 year resident of Montecito... Suggest you add ANTIQUES to your signage as people are asking What is Lucca? Cheers Bill TOMICKI Editor ENTREE
Low Pigeon knows what they're doing. Big moves for those guys this year!
Reagrding the queuing from Chick fil-A’s drive-through. Has anyone addressed the queuing for the parkling lot at the 99 cent store on State Street? The lot entrance is on Haley and the cars waiting to get in block the right lane on Haley St nearly continuously during the day and often spill around the corner onto State Street leaving a mess of congestion. Thank you for your time.
The Independent article on Bellosguardo was lazy. (And now it's behind the paywall, too.) The reporter didn't bother to get the totals from the auction, which he could have looked up online. He padded out his article with his same old one-sided material. It's a 90-year-old house that hasn't been lived in for 70 years, so, yes, it will have some costs to fix it up for public tours. What a surprise that it hasn't been made ready in only 18 months!