a section of the fountain in the plaza of the office complex on Los Patos Way by the Bird Refuge. artist: Marge Dunlap
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Get hooked is amazing. Hooked up more than a year ago!
The Hitchcock Cinema and Public House (Plaza de Oro Theatre).
Over the years Cava was our family favorite. We love Mandi & Carlos wish them all the best.
Pre-ordered mine, too!
I always tell people Uni tastes like the white froth on a wave rolling up the sand. They buy every time. ITS TRUE
funny, the first time i tasted uni i compared it to baby poop.
Wow. Cava is the best restaurant of their three, and such a great location. Will be a big loss for us. We so miss sitting inside at the bar.
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The t-shirt from Steph- the prose is from her ORIGINAL shirts, deemed too squishy for most at the time- not to mention they were almost neon green/yellow.... So its actually a resurrection of sorts, with a new graphic on the front- the original being the diving mermaid. 🏆
The Red Stiletto is uber cool. Thank you for allowing our imaginations to frolic before revealing the reality of this fab Dennis Pozzebon repurposed beauty. Keep going with this. Why was the foam shoe created? Not your average Cinderella story.
If you don’t remember the Presidio Cafe you haven’t been here long enough. Mike and Ann Pless were wonderful owners, and people - the banana bread was a thing!!
The stabbed children story is inappropriate for Siteline for many obvious reasons. I don’t see why you posted it.
Corazon Cuccina food travels well for delivery, not true of most Mex food. Glad to know Eileen is their pastry chef. Dessert with next order.
“ …here’s hoping the Foley Food & Wine Society is more than a vanity project. ” The Foley Food & Wine Society is actually the label for Foley’s wine club properties. If you join the wine club (Foley estates, Firestone, Lincourt, Foley at the Bacara) you have a membership at the whole portfolio and reciprocal arrangements. It’s actually an awesome deal, I just hope the new tasting room doesn’t impact the location at the Bacara.
Yeah! 😊
The building right next to the Downtown Post Office that used to house the Presidio cafe.
I'm not sure what you mean by that....
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Presidio Plaza Building?
The ocean breeze is not as refreshing as your realistic and pointed comments about listed homes. I admire your courage. SZG
Sooo funny! Thanks for the laughs!!
Go Eileen! Look forward to trying anything she puts on a plate!!
What are anticipated prices of dwellings?
Cheers to Bar LeCote! Lisa aka 805 Foodie #regionaltreasure ⚡️🍷🥂🥃🥢🍽🥗🌯🥦🏆
First United Methodist :)
Afraid not. A hint: it's not a Catholic church.
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