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Love the historical tidbit. Santa Barbara County is loaded with interesting history.
These rules are not enforceable. The Secretary of Interior ruled on this on 8/29/2019. Order number 3376. This dictates how the US Forest Service establishes rules for the Los Padres National Forest. I can email you a copy if you send me your email address. As both a hiker, biker, and e-biker, I see most everyone in this group acting courteously and with safety. MTF cannot make up there own rules on Los Padres National Forest property. I am a supporter of MTF and member, but these trails belong to everyone, including those on e-mtn bikes.
jimboz! love that joint
— Michelle Trella on
Jimboz on de la vina and alamar!!!!
— Jon salontay on
I recently moved here from NYC. One of the main reasons I loved Santa Barbara , aside from the beach, was the Funk Zone with it's old time surf appeal, wineries, one of a kind boutiques and it's straight out down to earth vibe. The whole area is warm and welcoming and DIFFERENT. I would be extremely upset if this went away. One of the best things, to me about this city which already has everything else. Changing the Funk Zone would be like getting rid of The Village or Soho in Manhattan. A shame. Please don't change it.
I feel like city council is going rogue here. I genuinely don’t believe most of our citizens support a total ban on all new natural gas installations. Restaurants will have to bring in propane tanks to cook. People won’t be able to get plumbed gas grills installed in their yards, fireplaces converted from wood to gas, etc. If anyone thinks people burning wood is better for the environment than gas, I’ve got a lesson in environmental science for you. I’m going to write to them.
I miss Samy's Camera. The first camera I bought from them when they were on Milpas was just after 9/11. President Bush said we should go out and spend money to fuel the economy. The last camera I bought was two months before they closed on State Street. This area needs a camera shop, not another restaurant.
This is downright disappointing. Hello, Los Angeles. Goodbye quaint Santa Barbara.
Roof decks in the FZ would be great, but wtf? This was not approved in the redesign, and the car lift looks like a rat cage.
100% on brand Ray! Buy the building, price out all the surfboard shapers, skaters, fishermen, artists, designers, local bookstore owners and everyone and everything that made the Funk Zone...the Funk Zone, dump a McMansion on top of it, pray that the structure doesn't sink into the silty oilfield its perched on, and call it "preservation". Good luck!
I vote no on the natural gas ban. A gas fireplace is one of the few joys left in this life of lockdown. Burning wood is far worse than burning natural gas, and it's pretty ridiculous to insist on a world where we all either can't have fireplaces or must sit by pathetic little ethanol burners for some comfort. We have more important things to worry about with regards to environmental issues, like habitat and species collapse from dangerous and persistent manmade chemicals. Electricity is far more expensive than gas and until these politicians get wise to the benefits of nuclear power (which I can almost assure you they do not support, most likely advocating for the closure of Diablo Canyon which supplies California with 9% of its energy on a few acres of land and runs 24/7), I cannot tolerate the idea that we should all switch to electricity for our heating, water heating, cooking, etc. Especially in an era where our criminal and incompetent utility monopoly threatens us with regular power shutdowns due to fire risk - aka, their failure to adequately upgrade their 100 year old equipment. We'll just go without hot water or the ability to cook for days while we sit, shivering and filthy in the dark and think about what good little environmentalists we are? Awful. And for the record, Harmon is my councilwoman.
Alas, the transformation from the Funk Zone to the Drunk Zone will finally be complete. sad.
Its not gone or going away. And it is a fantastic lunch option, with polite staff. Don’t go if you don’t want, but stay the F OUT OF MY WAY if you see me turning onto State street. Its very rude to assume your tastes fill every cup honey
Not sad about Chick-Fil-A at all — still anti-LGBTQ and a traffic hazard on State Street with their backed-up drive-through and the frustrated/ragey drivers trying to unstuck from that mess. Bye!
The second photo only went up after I added the answer.
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Riviera Theatre on APS. Look closely and you can see the sign over the arched entryway.
I just love your site. Your posts really encompass so many activities, dining options, events and real estate all in one that it makes me feel more a part of the community . Thank you for keeping us informed !
Just heartbroken to hear that Chocolats du CaliBressan is closing their downtown SB location. Their salted caramel Buddha is the best! My go to chocolate for lifting my spirit. Jill and JeanMichel are just the nicest people. Assuming that ilFustino (that shared their space) will be shuttering that location as well?
Screw anti-LGBTQ Chick-Fil-A... good riddance.
Very much agree with the comments by Steven. The old Miramar is very much missed by the “Cito Rats” who grew up on the “Mar”. The new joint is fine for the L.A. crowd, but too “Kardashian” for this local...
Bwhaaaa! Ridiculous, but fun to see the ol’ Miramar (I miss it!) in the Jacqumentary