The Hansen Center is a very interesting property. If I only had the moolah.
The old Koi place that is on E montecito St near Gray Avenue. I remember it being moved here when the freeway was being built
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Santa Barbara Koi! Montecito street
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Thank you for posting this. I came upon this article by looking at ads online for 363 Woodley Rd., where you can't help but notice a hideous, overdone monstrosity in the background. I feel sorry for the people trying to sell that home. Second, you have to love the narrative description given to the Department of Planning and Development -- quoted in this article -- of this being a 10,000-square-foot home that, altogether, is actually 20,000 square feet. Heaven forbid they directly state that. I cannot believe the city approved a home that looks like this.
Some gorgeous looking designs for State St. promenade! Exciting stuff. But please for the love of god can we not have bad Banksy-esque murals on the side of buildings in our town? I knew it was time to leave Williamsburg and return home to Santa Barbara when “street art walking tours” starting passing our condo on the daily. Some murals are cool, but grungy graffito does not suit our town at all. Speaking of great murals - they’ve saved the Paradise Cafe mural and painted the building a pretty, creamy white instead of grey. I’ll never get over the loss of that neon sign, though. I can’t wait for the day the HLC and ABR get some new blood on the rosters who can roll back the misguided (and historically inaccurate) prohibition on new neon signs. Neon is beautiful! Ok, that’s enough of my opinions for the day.
La Cima is Michael Imperioli's house and they just dressed it down significantly for new pics. Check out his previous home on the east side / very bottom of the Riviera and it will all make sense.
A coffee shop is opening a restaurant? During the pandemic? Sounds disastrous.
This salon is beautiful! What a lovely idea! I want to stop by!
Low Pigeon signed a lease with Miramar group last week! Yes for more coffee and a restaurant concept!
Being a fan of the Palihouse concept, this space is perfect for this hotel. This is exciting.
I’m really sad to hear this. It’s an architectural loss above all. We cannot have new neon signs due to misguided local rules, and I can only assume this means a complete exterior renovation (with the grey paint that is so ill-fitting for the location) and loss of that, as well as the mural. The takeover didn’t succeed because the food and drinks were objectively bad. I went 3 times after Acme took over and was looking forward to an icon being reinvented, especially as I am such a fan of Loquita. The food was awful, as were the drinks. It wasn’t just the kitchen doing a poor job (though they were); the menu was objectively bad. Everything was rich and overwhelming, there was no nuance to flavors, and everything tasted like greasy, over-salty bar food or TGIFridays. I wasn’t sentimental about the old food - but I heard numerous locals asking where classics had gone. I actually welcomed the sale to Acme because I thought we’d get something better than what we had before. There are a zillion empty retail spots. I’m sorry they had to take this one and destroy it. That corner with its neon sign, white walls, and its huge bird of paradise will always be among one of the most iconic downtown scenes for me. Here’s to hoping somehow it’s eventually returned to what it was. Acme is a wonderful company and a local asset. I’m appreciative of what they’ve done. But their properties sometimes already feel dated when debuted, like someone hatched the idea in Brooklyn in 2009. I was sorry to see the excellent Les Marchands become a corny millennial pink bar for bachelorette parties of out-of-towners, and even The Lark itself and its menu feel dated in 2020 and have for several years. I’m brutal, I know, but I call it like I see it. I’m all for reinvention and reinvigoration, but this is a step too far and it doesn’t bode well that Acme thought its problems with the Paradise came from its white walls - which they’ll be painting grey apparently - and its eternally cool name and branding. The old menu with the watercolor on it and the delicate typeface remains light years ahead in “cool” of any graphic design and branding Acme is churning out. Goodbye, Paradise. I’ve really loved you, and I will certainly miss seeing you and your beautiful glowing neon sign.
The grey for Paradise is awful. Hope they change their minds. Grey is a drab and trendy color that doesn’t fit the building or the area. Abused and banal, greys are the ‘70s browns of the 2010s. It’s 2020. Let’s leave them in the past.
Has anyone thought to make it into a park like setting? People could have a place to eat and rest. You really can’t get all that much parking there to make a difference. In the upper village, Pierre La Fond has a great area for resting. The trees are so nice to sit under and have your lunch and then to continue to shop across the street. The space helps with the Coronavirus issue as you can socially distance while taking a break. It is so comforting. The street is right there (East Valley Road) yet you really don’t notice all that much as the grass and trees seem to buffer that corner.
Re Sycamore Canyon: There are really nice pictures in MLS from when it was a rental. not one has a fishbowl wide angle too.
I respect your decision not to be the first to publish the owner of a particular home until it becomes public knowledge. You'll maintain your credibility that way. Good decision!
The NP building could make some great loft apartments. And its parking lot? A great park. Just sayin'.
Whatever happens with Paradise, let's hope it keeps its old school charm, the fantastic mural, and that gorgeous neon sign. Paradise is iconic in SB!
A communal cow sounds dreamy! So cute. I love that area and the Rancho Asoleado stables + the Hope House. I hope those two places never change. You are right there is a lot of history in the area. I also find the Carriage Hill development fascinating. Some great views of the mountains, too.
You're right — I think the comparison of Sprouts between Lazy Acres and Trader Joe's is a good one. Sprouts still retains its 'health food store' vibe — but isn't. But honestly, the difference is I find Sprouts to be cheaper and sometimes better quality with produce. The fact that its so close to TJ's isn't a mistake (its this way in Goleta, and it was that way in Colorado when I lived there!). Fact is, there are some things that Trader Joe's just doesn't have, so I guess the thinking is that its easy to pop over to Sprouts and get the rest. Anyway, happy to see it open in this location!
Re: Arboleda- This turn key Craftsman is in an area called “Arboleda Acres” that has quite a history with a charming communal cow most notable. Zoned for horses, walking distance to CA Distinguished Hope School District, a stones throw from the Obern Bike Trail. This designer home backs up to a seasonal creek and is on a cul-de-sac, no traffic. If this home were plopped in Hedgerow or HR it would command a price of $5million + how many turn key homes are available with a pool? Supply/demand PS We moved here after the Mud Flow, how quickly this tragedy has been forgotten.
Re: Arboleda - the area is aspirationally called Hope Ranch Annex, or Noleta.
Thanks for catching that! (Blogger error.) Corrections are always welcome.
The first pic for Las Alturas is from a house that recently closed in far west Hope Ranch. I know this because I am crazy and spend way too much time looking at real estate and it’s all stored in my brain. Love the blog! Not trying to be pedantic! I’m just a tad maniacal. Siteline rocks and I’ve told all my friends about it. :)
Deerpath has photos if you check Redfin. The house is such an almost. There’s something unshakeably 60s about the front; almost traditional, but somehow not. The interior is a hodgepodge of finishes. There are about 25 different floorings (exterior, too) used throughout and the kitchen and bathrooms need renovations to pull them together. Very generous in size just needs a cohesive makeover.
The new Bristol Farms is beautiful and fortunate to have Denis Lacey as store director. Good luck Denis Jimmy