Another excellent choice!
Your review is consistent with my recent experiences there. Love the property, and the staff are always helpful and friendly, but I actually feel that their new menu is a downgrade from their previous menu (brunch, lunch and dinner). I’d recommend sticking to sunset drinks or dessert :)
We went to Peasants Feast in Solvang for the first time. The mushroom tacos were a hit.
Thanks for the link to get a digital version and QR code of my vaccine record. Very helpful.
Funny you should say what you did about the El Encanto. Yes, the patio is magical but I had dinner there a couple months ago with a friend from La Jolla and neither of us was impressed with the menu or the food. You’re right... it just tasted blah. Such a shame.
Hope you followed up your Ostrichland visit up with lunch at Hitching Post- excellent steak sandwiches, beef and chicken salad options, tacos & burgers, wine and afternoon appetizers between lunch and dinner service
I think the writer was expecting "big chickens" akin to Big Bird instead of a dinosaur holdover. I have to say, though, when they get into a feeding frenzy...they do give one pause.
That article is bizarre. The ostriches are not even remotely scary.
hehe. "Feed This Bad Boy!"
The entire San Roque community is so excited for the possibility of a nice restaurant at the old Mackenzie Market location.
This message is for the new owners of the Mackenzie Market. I am a local business woman with a large following for my extensive supply of cheese. Would you be interested in leasing out all or part of this property for me to work out of..? I will try to contact you at one of your other businesses. I could sell my cheese and you can sell your catering?
Made special trips to Whodudily with my then young daughter- love when the memories pop up on the phone! ❤️
I LOVE my masks. They are now part of my fashion accoutrements. I am never giving them up. Buhbye colds.
I wanted to respond to your question on the Picacho Lane 'Walk' regarding the names on the stone plaque. When I moved here about 50 years ago and later met a family at the top of Picacho Lane; I was told that their beautiful rock wall was constructed by a family and friends from Mexico. It was so admired that over the years many more of the Picacho residents hired them to build their walls as well...thus the Spanish references.
— Maryanne Brillhart on
I am a real estate agent in Santa Barbara and for the past 15 years I am aware of at least 9 buyers that have made offers on that Mackenzie Market property and none were accepted . I was representing a buyer 2.5 years ago that made an offer for substantially more than the 1.48 million. I think I’m just so surprised/impressed that the buyer closed this deal. There were many challenges on this deal. Congratulations to the new owners and well done on acquiring an excellent property. If you ever decide to sell please call me I will sell this property for you in a heartbeat.
I agree on Siteline, Lee, and recognize all the lovely homes you have so beautifully remodeled to enlighten our Montecito neighborhoods.
My first home in Montecito was on Willina a little cottage previously owned by Fanny Flagg. Fried Green Tomatoes was written while she was in residence. I loved the neighborhood then and still do now. Speaking of love - I'm a big fan of Siteline - best read out there.
I heard that the path from East Padres to Plaza Rubio was part of a historic Indian trail and could not be built upon for preservation reasons. . It is very cool.
This is a magical 'walk about' that I have been honored to observe for over 40 years having been on most all these properties as a Broker and Design Consultant. You provided memory lane for me and opened doors and gates for so many others beautiful!
— Maryanne Brillhart on
What a great article. Thank you for posting this.
Corner of State and Padre by the church!
I love that Ortega Ridge house!!!
I live right behind the Mackenzie Market and in the past few months I have seen the property get cleaned up (thank you) new ownership. If I have one request for this new restaurant please have plenty of salads on your menu and offer them at a good or should I say reasonable price. I will be there often.
Beautiful tour🏆