What Do We Know About the Proposed Apartment Complex at 1 Hot Springs Road?

A client asked about the apartment complex in the works at 1 Hot Springs Road. Have you heard anything about it? Any idea when it might break ground? —J.

In January, the Independent reported that 1 Hot Springs Road is among the projects using the state’s “builder’s remedy” provision, which allows developers to construct housing even if the local government objects. (It was triggered by the city and county missing their Housing Element deadlines.) The plan called for a 27-unit development on the 2.4-acre vacant lot across Channel Drive from the Santa Barbara Cemetery. You may know it better as the lot with the fountain at the corner.

It’s private property, so you’d obviously be foolish to go see what it looks like for yourself.

The plans are in a pre-application phase, which means they have yet to appear on any agendas. I had to visit the city’s Planning Division to see what they might show me. The lot is owned by the Santa Barbara Cemetery Association, which has issued a ground lease to a developer for the housing project.

The developer agreed to talk to me about the project. Initially, they were looking at as many as 60 units on the lot, with underground parking, but that didn’t feel right for the location. They reduced the number to 27 units, all rental townhomes with private garages, in 15 or so buildings placed around the perimeter. The idea is to make it feel, as much as possible, like an Upper Village street. Designed by DesignARC, the structures are flat-roofed, of various heights, with a lot of offsets. At least 20 percent will be classified as affordable housing. The complex will likely end up with a Channel Drive address, which is both more logical (apparently, before the freeway was built, Hot Springs extended all the way to Channel Drive) and appropriate (since the entrance is on Channel Drive).

When this might happen is anyone’s guess—the project is expected to be formally submitted soon, and then there’s still a certain amount of red tape. And of course a lot of construction is coming to that area: the intersection of Cabrillo Boulevard and Los Patos Way will converted to a roundabout, and the widening of Highway 101 involves completely redoing the interchange with Cabrillo Boulevard/Hot Springs (including new overpasses). Some good news for those of us who ride a bike around there: the second phase of the Los Patos roundabout project involves taking a slice of the 1 Hot Springs lot by eminent domain, in order to build a new bike path on the east side of Cabrillo.

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Dan O. Seibert

Here’s some good trivia and I swear it’s not an April Fools joke. That tree you see leaning to the right is a Cook Pine, native to New Caledonia. It’s unique that it leans to the south in the northern hemisphere, the farther away from the equator the more it leans. And south of the equator it leans north.

Rob A

Great intel! Will be a lot of changes there between the new roundabout, this development, and the new Post/former Las Aves property!

Robin M

What’s the significance of the fountain on that corner? Is it going to be removed as part of the new development?


fwiw it looks like the fountain is being kept – it’s in the lower left corner of the top view of the development renderings.


I hope they save the fountain and improve the landscaping to coordinate with round about. This will be a nice improvement along with the high end shopping and dining across from the bird refuge.