What’s Happening With the Pepper Tree Inn?

Do you know what’s going on with the eastern half of the Pepper Tree Inn on upper State Street? I see people going into the hotel driveway, while the right side looks like they maybe started a renovation, but have since stopped. —A.

What looks like one property from the street is actually two lots: 3850 State Street (at left below), site of the remaining half of the Best Western Plus Pepper Tree Inn, and 3840 State Street (at right), which was sold for $17.55 million last October. 3840 State Street is fenced off and appears to be intermittently under construction.

I stopped by the hotel to ask what was up, and the staffer said that the property is undergoing a $20 million renovation—first one half then the other—that would make it “super nice.” He also said it would remain a Best Western. However….

I dug around the city’s Property Records Database and it turns out that a pre-application review was filed in April 2020, and it tells a different story. “This proposed project is the result of a 60-year land lease expiring. The Pepper Tree Inn Hotel currently spans two properties with separate landowners. The Lessee [i.e., the hotel owner], under the terms of the lease expiration, is required to create a motel on 3840 State separate from the motel on 3850 State Street […] and return both properties 3840 and 3850 State Street, separately, to the possession of each parcel’s owner.”

Here’s the scope of work, at least at the time of the letter:

Normally, it would be in all parties’ interest to work out a deal to maintain the status quo—and indeed, it’s possible such a thing has happened since the letter was filed. But reaching an agreement may have been complicated by the fact that soon after 3840 State was purchased, by an LLC related to L.A.-based Woodbridge Capital Partners, the lease was assigned to First Republic Bank.

Neither Woodbridge Capital Partners nor the owner of 3850 State Street, L.A.-based Hawkins Way Capital via an LLC, would comment. 3850 State includes the former Treehouse Restaurant space (a.k.a. 3860 State Street) on the lot, which is for lease with the following condition: “Future tenant must serve breakfast and lunch but will have the benefit of being the sole restaurant for the Pepper Tree Inn.”

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