Which Highway 101 Exits Are Getting Renamed?

I was driving north on the 101 when I noticed that the “Summerland” exit is now called “N Padaro Lane.” Why? And are more signage changes in store? —W.

I ran the question by Kirsten Ayars, the project’s media representative:

The signs are getting standardized since some haven’t been updated likely since the freeway was built in the 1950s. Caltrans has updated its sign standards so that signs state the roadway name. The old “Summerland” was an example of a non-standard sign, as it was actually past Summerland on the southbound side and didn’t state the road name. There are some advance community signs but they are in addition to the street exit signs.

Probably the biggest difference will be that the signs will be overhead signs that meet state standards, so there are advance notice signs in addition to the exit signs. We’ve had some in the area but there were also a lot missing. Attached [below] is an example showing the advance sign for Sheffield Drive and the Lillie Avenue off-ramp. This sign also has the “Summerland” with it as it made more sense and the community feedback was that people wanted to see “Summerland” at the Lillie Avenue off-ramp.

This Lillie Avenue sign is one of the big changes, because the current sign says “Evans Ave” but the ramp gets off at “Lillie Ave.” This was also part of the community feedback in addition to meeting the current state standard—Summerland Citizens Association members and residents felt that the signs should depict the street the ramp exits onto (also what state standards use).

I pressed Ayars about whether a schedule exists of all future signs, because I suspect “Coast Village Road” will show up on the new Olive Mill Road sign (among other possible changes). Her reply:

The Montecito and Santa Barbara sign packages will be reviewed and modified or approved as part of each segment’s Coastal Development Permit application. These are reviewed by the Architectural Review Boards in each jurisdiction. Those segments are just now going through that process and haven’t been finalized yet. Carpinteria up to Summerland are the segments that are approved.

P.S. The graphic designer in me is dying to tighten up the leading between Santa Claus Lane and S. Padaro Lane in the sign pictured at top, which would greatly clarify the situation. As it is, the placement of the “1/2” midway between the two street names is expected to do all the work.

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Haha! Totally agree about the leading on the sign!! It’s a little difficult to decipher at speeds of over 50mph.


The one that bugs me is the new sign for El Sueño. The new one has no tilde (n instead of ñ).