Are We No Longer Allowed on the SBHS Baseball Field?

A new fence is going up at the Santa Barbara High School baseball field. Does that mean no more dog walkers and picnickers? —T.

In the pre-pandemic past, explained SBHS athletic director Todd Heil, the school used to put up a portable fence around the field during baseball season, and in the off-season, when there was no fence, the staff wasn’t vigilant about keeping people off the field on weekends and holidays. (During school hours, no one is allowed on the premises, and after school, the fields were busy with sports programs.)

After the pandemic shut down all sports, the fields were more open, and locals used them more frequently for their own sports, picnics, dog-walking, and so on. (There have always been signs saying dogs are prohibited; you don’t have to be a baseball player to understand why.) Now, if you actually wanted to use the field, you’d need a civic center youth permit; the area outside the fence is fair game.

The new fence is step one in the effort to revitalize the baseball field. As KEYT reported in February, “the Dons also plan to have a new scoreboard in left-center field but they will keep the old scoreboard for nostalgia. They also want to spruce up the fan area with new bleachers and replace the fencing behind home plate with netting. Finally they would like to tear out and level the infield and resod it.” To donate toward the project, click here.


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