The State of the Site

Now that Siteline’s second full year is almost done, it’s time for a checkup. Website traffic continues to grow steadily, with a monthly average of 60,000 page views from 15,000 users; the email newsletter is up to 2,150 subscribers, and there are 5,300 followers on Instagram.

The most popular posts in 2021:
1. Why Is There a Giant Red Shoe Off Highway 101?
2. Sunburst Wine Bar Has Opened in Carpinteria
3. 27 New Restaurants and Bars on the Horizon
4. Meg Ryan Just Made a Killing in Montecito
5. Erewhon Has Santa Barbara in Its Sights
6. A Popular Malibu Seafood Restaurant Plans to Open in Santa Barbara
7. The Mystery of the Red Shoe Has Been Solved
8. Another Huge Flip for Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi
9. Chick-fil-A Has Temporarily Closed
10. One of the World’s Wealthiest People Bought the Hotel Santa Barbara

And here are some posts you would only have read on Siteline:
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Handlebar Coffee Roasters Is Opening a Third Cafe
The State Street Undercrossing Is Getting a Jeff Shelton Makeover
Another Huge Development Is Proposed for the Funk Zone

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Last but not least, thank you for reading! If you’re inclined to do more, it’s extremely helpful when you recommend Siteline to friends and businesses. And if you’re in a position to advertise, I’m always happy to explain the options.


Erik Torkells
[email protected]