The Mystery of the Red Shoe Has Been Solved

Thanks to a tip from M., I reached out to Pozzebon Backhoe, which was said to have something to do with the giant red stiletto visible from the northbound lanes of the 101 just above Ventura.

“We’ve been getting a kick out of all the news reports,” said Anthony Pozzebon. He explained that his dad, Dennis Pozzebon, saw the shoe by the side of Toro Canyon Road for a couple of days before deciding it was too good to pass up. Dennis spray-painted the shoe, which is made of foam, and installed it on the land where he dry farms. “It’s just for giggles,” said Anthony. “My dad is out there all the time and people who know him are always honking at him. There’s also a black cat that used to be gray—he spray-painted that, too.”

As for the semi-legible banner that was recently put up near the shoe, Anthony said he hasn’t seen it but his dad must’ve done it, because the two of them are the only folks on that land.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out!


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Laurie Siegel

Wow, impressive! The power of crowd sourcing…what will you tackle next?


It was found on Toro Canyon Road?
I’m thinking it may have its origin in the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice parade. An identical red pump was created by Moira Blazie and Hathor Hammett for a Wizard of Oz troupe, back in the mid-90s!
I love seeing it there now. Thank you for the great laugh!