Chick-fil-A Has Temporarily Closed

••• J. sent word that Chick-fil-A on State Street is “temporarily closed due to temporarily closed,” as the franchise’s website puts it. The outgoing voicemail message says the move is “due to an abundance of caution” and “till further notice.” One has to assume that an employee tested positive for Covid—the main reason most any restaurant temporarily would close these days—because if that place can’t make money to survive I don’t know what can. Anyway, here’s hoping everyone is well and the restaurant gets back on its feet soon. UPDATE 1/15: The restaurant reopened on January 11.

••• I was sorry to hear that the Chocolats du CaliBressan shop in La Arcada on State Street has closed. The one in Carp is still very much open. —Restaurant Guy

••• In other chain restaurant news, the Dunkin outpost on upper State appears to have closed. —Restaurant Guy

••• Persona Pizzeria on State Street has reopened. —Restaurant Guy [UPDATE: “Persona Pizzeria is currently open Thursday-Sunday (Thur/ Sunday from 11a-8p and Fri/Sat from 11am-9pm) under new ownership,” the restaurant wrote on Instagram. “We have lowered our prices to help during this current situation. We do not allow customers into the restaurant, but you can order online or at the front door.”]

••• “The city of Santa Barbara is moving ahead an effort to create an ordinance that would reduce ‘nuisance behaviors’ such as public drunkenness, harassment and public urination around mini-markets and liquor stores. Officials want to create a ‘deemed approved ordinance‘ that would require alcohol retailers to maintain, their businesses in a lawful manner or risk fines and or regulation of their alcohol sales. Business owners would need to keep the exterior of their establishments free of litter, loitering, graffiti and public consumption of alcohol.” —Noozhawk


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Just heartbroken to hear that Chocolats du CaliBressan is closing their downtown SB location. Their salted caramel Buddha is the best! My go to chocolate for lifting my spirit. Jill and JeanMichel are just the nicest people.

Assuming that ilFustino (that shared their space) will be shuttering that location as well?


Not sad about Chick-Fil-A at all — still anti-LGBTQ and a traffic hazard on State Street with their backed-up drive-through and the frustrated/ragey drivers trying to unstuck from that mess. Bye!


Its not gone or going away. And it is a fantastic lunch option, with polite staff. Don’t go if you don’t want, but stay the F OUT OF MY WAY if you see me turning onto State street. Its very rude to assume your tastes fill every cup honey