The Latest on the Effort to Replace the Cow Atop Bossie’s Kitchen

••• We haven’t had any news on the effort to replace the cow atop Bossie’s Kitchen since last October, so I reached out to Dori Koehler, who started the Gofundme drive (which has raised $2,325 toward its $5,000 goal). She posted a new update as a result:

At this point, the work to replace the cow is out of my hands. Ultimately, it is the choice of the persons who own the building what they want to do about the cow. I’ve been in touch with the president of the Santa Barbara High School Alumni Association. The Dons alumni association also had a fundraiser in order to replace the cow. We are combining all the funds into a dedicated account for this project. So don’t worry even though we haven’t made a lot of movement on the project yet. The funds are still being held for it.

I do not have contact with the building owner. The owner of McConnells ice cream did not return my phone call. I combined forces with Dons alumni association because they have connections with the business owner and the owner of McConnells. Let them know have further questions or concerns. Hang in there folks! Things move slowly, especially in the time of Covid. Let me know if you have other questions. I can also connect you with the president of the alumni association if you want.

••• NoTown Tavern has opened in Goleta: “Their original plan was to partner with Woody’s BBQ to offer food but I don’t know if that is still happening,” semi-reports Restaurant Guy. I called and asked, and sure enough, you can order Woody’s food through the bar, and it’ll be delivered there. You can also get food from Del Pueblo Cafe. And there’s more on the founders in this Noozhawk post.

••• I asked David Dart of Dart Coffee Co. about the plans for the new parking lot enclosure, and he said it’ll be a shared parklet for Dart and Tyger Tyger. Heartened to hear the latter might be coming back, I checked in with a rep for the restaurant, who said nothing is imminent, because Tyger Tyger—like every restaurant—is having trouble finding staff. Hopefully, it’ll happen soon.

••• The folks behind Bell’s, Bar Le Côte, Priedite Barbecue, and Feed the Valley now have a parent company, Companion Hospitality. Full disclosure: my husband and I happily donated to Feed the Valley, and you should, too.

••• “What will replace the iconic Beachside Cafe, the restaurant at Goleta Beach that closed earlier this year after 35 years in business? The potential answers are already starting to hit the inbox of the County of Santa Barbara’s parks division, as the official request for proposals went out on Friday.” —Independent

••• Updated architectural drawings for the restaurant coming to 700 State Street (at Ortega)—the one Jeff Shelton is working on—are labeled Augie’s Tequila, so that settles that. Plus, there was this fantastic drawing.

••• The Independent profiles Sear Steakhouse, recently opened in Solvang. The proprietors are “Alberto Battaglini, the Verona, Italy-raised bartender who exponentially elevated the valley’s craft cocktail game when he helped open S.Y. Kitchen in 2012; and Demetri ‘Jimmy’ Loizides, a restaurateur and chef who modeled his three-acre farm in the style of his parents’ village in Cyprus and used those harvests to power K’Syrah Catering & Events for years.”

••• Solvang’s Wandering Dog has been taken over by a couple, Anna and Tim Arrowsmith, who have turned it into Arrowsmith’s Wine Bar; the goal is the friendly vibe, but not the theme, of a British pub. (N.B. She was “Britain’s first female porn director in the late 1990s.”) —Independent

••• Opening in June in the Meiners Oaks part of Ojai: Meiners Heritage Table, offering “delicious food for every mood.” (H/T 805 Foodie.)


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