Santa Barbara’s Police Headquarters Could Be Done by Mid-2026

••• Santa Barbara–based Living Vehicle “unveiled its new solar-powered, fully sustainable camper trailer last month [….] The 29-foot-long camper is equipped with a solar-powered energy system to fully power a mobile office pre-filled with Apple products. The company says it’s also the first vehicle ever to produce its own drinkable water from thin air: The camper’s atmospheric water generator, made by Israeli startup Watergen, pulls moisture from the air to produce 5 gallons of potable water each day.” Prices start at $340,000. —CNBC

••• “Santa Barbara’s new $92 million police station project is expected to pass a key stage on Tuesday. […] ‘At this time, we are anticipating starting construction in early 2024, and completing the building in mid-2026,’ [project manager Bradley] Hess said.” —Noozhawk

••• “For the past five years, Alan Cerf and William Woodward, two longtime golfers, have been duking it out in and outside of civil court after Woodward accidentally hit Cerf on the side of the head with a golf club at the Birnam Wood driving range in Montecito on December 4, 2016. […] Yet an end could be in sight as the case appears to be finally heading to a jury trial this September.” Wait for it: the incident “allegedly impaired Cerf’s ability to engage in various activities he had previously enjoyed, like driving his Ferrari.” —Independent

••• The Carpinteria Community Library had its grand opening on Saturday. —Coastal View News

••• The compelling argument for a better pool complex at Ortega Park. —Edhat

••• “The U.S. Navy has announced that after more than two years of environmental review, it’s decided to continue and even expand its weapons testing off the Central and South Coasts.” Quelle surprise. “The Point Mugu Sea Range is 36,000 acres of ocean off the coasts of Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties. The Navy’s environmental study says the effects of the testing will be minimal on air quality, the ocean floor, and fish. However, it says there could be impacts on whales, sea turtles and birds from things like explosives testing.” —KCLU

••• “Solvang Festival Theater [has reopend] after a multi-million dollar renovation project. […] It’s the culmination of a $5.3 million project, over nine months, to transform the outdoor theater into one which is more accessible, safer, with better sound and lighting.” —KCLU

••• The tree of the month is the fabulous dragon tree: “Formerly planted as a remarkable “must- have” specimen on the grounds of large estates, botanical gardens and parks, it has found new popularity in today’s landscapes, because of its tolerance of extreme heat and drought and its low-maintenance needs. It was first imported into the Santa Barbara area in the late 1800’s.  Two stately specimens that were planted here during that time still stand in local private gardens;  these have been formally recognized as the largest of the species in California!” One must be the beaut at Sotto Il Monte in Montecito…. —Edhat


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Hardworking reporter

Noticed that the golf story uses quotes from the SB Independent but that the article is not linked. Is there any reason every other publication has a link except for Indy

Erik Torkells

I forgot. I’ll add in later, or feel free to add the link in a comment