Marty’s Pizza Will Likely Have to Close This Fall

••• Karl commented that Marty’s Pizza, which opened in 1984, will be closing because the building it’s in will get demolished as part of the replacement of the De La Vina Street bridge over Mission Creek. I called Marty’s to ask when it would be closing (“probably sometime after summer”) and whether it would reopen elsewhere (“no”).

••• The forthcoming Corazón Cocina spinoff at 29 E. Victoria Street has changed its name again—first it was Corazón Guisados, then Del Corazón, and now Corazón Comedor. (Comedor means dining room or eatery.) The focus has reminded the same, says founder Ramon Velazquez: guisados (braises), tamales, quesadillas, churros, hot chocolate, and coffee.

••• After I posted about the closing of Little Kitchen, N. pointed out that Cindy Black, who founded the Blue Owl (and sold it in 2018), is opening a pizzeria in the space. It’ll be called Saint Bibiana—”the patron saint of the hungover and mentally ill,” explains proprietor Cindy Black—and it’s due at the end of April.

••• Savoy Cafe & Deli is once again open for dinner, reports Edible Santa Barbara.

••• A Low Pigeon staffer tells me that the café will indeed be rebranded as an outpost of Lighthouse Coffee, and the chain will roast its beans there. That’s a good start, but of course quality coffee also requires excellent machines and well-trained baristas.

••• New queers in town will want to know that Gay Santa Barbara organizes a monthly pop-up gay bar, and the next one is April 6 at The Neighborhood Bar, which evidently “used to be a gay bar (formerly Hades) that closed in the mid-2000s. Let’s make it gay again (at least for one night!). Drink specials and food available by Wingman Rodeo. Best parking is in the Amtrak Station Parking lot. Popup Gay Bar is for all LGBTQ+ peeps and their allies—we usually get a crowd of about 70 showing up.”

••• Interesting new product at Il Fustino: oregano buds ($5.50): “They bring a more fresh and floral flavor than traditional oregano and will add a peppery and hoppy twist to any dish” (via Edible Santa Barbara).


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Funny about Corazón. Comedor as an adjective means somebody that eats something. Or somebody that eats a lot. Corazón comedor can also translate to heart eater.
When I read the new name that’s the first thing that came to mind. Anyway, just sharing.


Lighthouse is supplied by Handlebar so if there are issues, it very likely isn’t on the coffee quality. Doubtful obtaining LP’s operation + roasting will up Lighthouse’s game – they all have top-line equipment.


Hi. Do you know if the liquor store next to Marty’s will also close ? Looks like it’s in the same building. Thank you

Erik Torkells

The building will be getting demolished, so yes, it will be closing, too. I don’t know whether the owner(s) will try to reopen elsewhere.