Beans BBQ Opens on State Street Today

••• Beans BBQ, in the former Saigon Restaurant space on State Street (Victoria/Anapamu), opens today at 11 a.m. Here’s the menu; the smashburger eggrolls are pictured above.

••• Lilac Patisserie has reopened, albeit with a limited menu while the annex is completed.

••• Rachel commented that Lighthouse Coffee bought Low Pigeon. I’ve asked Lighthouse, but I’m not confident anyone will answer, because no one ever has. Dare we hope for an improvement in Lighthouse’s coffee?

••• “Chick-fil-A has 90 days to fix its traffic problems or face the possibility of being declared a public nuisance, the Santa Barbara City Council decided during a four-hour meeting.” —Noozhawk

••• Ventura Music Hall, with food from Ruff House BBQ, debuts March 22. There are some interesting upcoming concerts, including one by Hot Chip (but it’s already sold out).

••• The New York Times visited a Whole Foods store that parent company Amazon has tricked out with technology, as will likely happen, eventually, to all of the chain’s supermarkets. It’s pretty bleak.


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The absolute worst & will probably get even more worse as they expand.


Lighthouse + Mesa Burger + Corner Tap + that kitchen concept on State Street are one company, with many investors. Same setup as Sherry Villanueva & her Acme group… profitability is unknown (/irrelevant, lol) as they pursue rapid expansion with investor money.

Mary Jo Ellen

I had to stop going to Lighthouse. They were always out of everything – milk, tops, napkins, etc. And the coffee never tasted good. Maybe it’s a front for something else….


Reads like tax shelter is #1 here; quality, people, and Santa Barbara are tied for a distant last place.


I happen to like Lighthouse Coffee (on the Mesa) and they have the best avocado toast too!