Low Pigeon’s Impressive Slate of Pop-Up Events

••• If you have the shoes with you, you really have no excuse.

••• Thrillist‘s list of “20 essential Santa Barbara restaurants” includes Angel Oak at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara Shellfish Company on Stearns Wharf, Brophy Bros., and Mollie’s instead of Tyger Tyger, Mesa Verde, Barbareño, Café Ana, Mony’s, and the Daisy, to name just a handful.

••• The Independent‘s profile of Onus Donuts says that “there are plans to introduce [other?] breakfast foods in the future.”

••• Film director Jason Wise (Somm) made a documentary, The Delicacy, “about uni, fishermen, human behavior, culinary history, and much more. The film’s world premiere is this weekend at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, but Wise’s work began more than six years ago, when he fell deep down the rabbit hole of exploring how humankind treats urchin, oysters, abalone, and similar delicacies. […] The result is a compelling, visually rich, conceptually wide-ranging nature film about people, with Santa Barbara sea urchin as the star.” —Independent

••• The city sent out this crazy email:

The queuing from Chick fil-A’s drive-through onto State Street (3707 State Street) is a serious safety and traffic congestion issue that the city is very concerned about. City Staff, including the Attorney’s Office, have expressed to Chick-fil-A representatives the serious nature of this nuisance occurrence, emphasizing the safety concern and the on-going traffic congestion back-ups that have been occurring on a daily basis. The City has insisted that the nuisance to the public must be eliminated. Staff has been working with Chick-fil-A’s corporate offices in the hopes of producing short and long-term solutions to eliminate the queuing onto State Street. Chick-fil-A representatives have acknowledged responsibility for addressing the public safety concerns and are actively pursuing options to address the situation both on a temporary and long-term basis. City staff has encouraged Chick fil-A to expedite a resolution. In the meantime, the City is asking for your help to prevent traffic collisions and congestion. Please do not stop on State Street to queue into Chick-fil-A. Queuing in the street is not only dangerous and a blockage to normal State Street travel, but it is also illegal and is a significant fine if ticketed.

••• A lot of new businesses say they’re going to do collaborations and special events, but they don’t follow through. Low Pigeon, on the other hand, has been doing pop-ups with a vengeance, including with Rascal’s vegan food, the Honey B (while it looks for a new space), the Good Lion cocktail bar, and former Helena Avenue Bakery chef Adam Shoebridge.



Chris Wish

Reagrding the queuing from Chick fil-A’s drive-through.
Has anyone addressed the queuing for the parkling lot at the 99 cent store on State Street?
The lot entrance is on Haley and the cars waiting to get in block the right lane on Haley St nearly continuously during the day and often spill around the corner onto State Street leaving a mess of congestion. Thank you for your time.

Sarah Williams

Low Pigeon knows what they’re doing. Big moves for those guys this year!