How Is Siteline Working for You?

Now that Siteline’s first full year is done, it’s time for a checkup. Traffic is growing steadily, with a monthly average of 69,000 page views from 7,200 users since September, while the email newsletter is up to 820 subscribers. The most popular posts in 2020:

1. The Café at Field + Fort is a Game Changer for Summerland
2. The Craziest, Coolest House Is Under Construction in Montecito
3. Prince Harry and Meaghan Markle Have Moved to Santa Barbara
4. Biltmore Employees Are Planning a Protest March
5. Big Daddy’s Home & Garden Is Opening a Store in Summerland
6. The Biggest Real Estate Deal in Montecito History Just Happened
7. Meet the Man Building a Better Burrito
8. Has the Biltmore Resort Been Sold? (no, but change may yet still come)
9. One of the Most Magnificent Estates in Montecito
10. First Look at the Blockbuster Development Proposed for the Funk Zone

Published in late 2019, those first two undoubtedly benefit from the long-tail effect of having been around longer. And here are five posts you would only have read here:

What’s Happening With This Derelict Oceanfront House in Summerland?
First Look Inside the Renovated Cabrillo Pavilion on East Beach
The Toy Train Museum Under Construction on State Street
You Gotta Try This: Local Foodies Recommend Their Favorite Dishes
A Boutique Hotel Chain Has Taken Over an Inn Downtown
High Above Montecito, a Water Tank Is Being Converted Into a House

I’m being entirely genuine when I say that suggestions—even critical ones—are welcome, either as comments below (anonymous is fine), or via email or text ([email protected], 917-209-6473). Please bear in mind that there’s a limit to how much a one-man band can accomplish.

Last but not least, thank you for reading, which is all I can ask. If you’re inclined to do more, it’s extremely helpful when you recommend Siteline to friends and businesses. And if you’re in a position to advertise, I’m happy to explain the options. At some point, this must succeed economically to justify the time and effort.


Erik Torkells
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Pam shields

I just love your site. Your posts really encompass so many activities, dining options, events and real estate all in one that it makes me feel more a part of the community . Thank you for keeping us informed !