Big Daddy’s Home & Garden Is Opening a Store in Summerland

Big Daddy’s Home & Garden, which has outposts in L.A., San Francisco, and Palo Alto, is opening a store in Summerland. It includes the former Café Luna space; the little building in front, which was most recently the office of architect Kas Seefeld; and possibly the former Summerland Oriental Rugs store in back. “Any West Coast antiques lover (and many across the country) knows Big Daddy’s,” wrote Architectural Digest in a 2017 article about L.A.’s best design stores. “The shop has been supplying vintage furniture in Los Angeles since 1996 in a space that feels like the home of an eccentric collector. Expect a wide range of offerings spanning everything from taxidermy to wall art and furnishings.” It certainly fills a hole in the middle of Summerland, and makes the town that much more of a design destination.

I’ve reached out to Big Daddy’s about when it might open and whether there might be a café component, given the space’s history as a restaurant and Field + Fort’s success down the street. In the meantime, here’s a taste of what to expect, courtesy the company’s Instagram….



Claudia Hoag McGarry

I’d like to come show you a few small Summerland watercolors you might like to have for sale on your store.