First Look at the Rooftop Bar Proposed for the Funk Zone

Details about the rehabilitation of 11 Anacapa, in the Funk Zone, have been trickling out for a while now. First, there was said to be a restaurant, and then “bier garten” signage went up, and then came word of a tasting room with a roof deck.

Now, in advance of the January 11 meeting of the city’s Architectural Board of Review, we finally have renderings. (The full set of plans is here.) From the agenda: “The project [or at least the part that’s up for discussion next week] involves converting 1,643 square feet of warehouse floor area to a wine-tasting business, including a new 1,962-square-foot, 45-seat, roof deck, a second-story storage area and bar. Second-story and roof access would be provided with a new exterior stair and elevator. Additional parking would be provided with a 22-space mechanical parking lift structure replacing 9 surface parking spaces for a total of 45 parking spaces.”

In November of 2019, developer Ray Mahboob described the project as “about preserving one of the last buildings in the Funk Zone.” The roof deck proposed by architecture firm DMHA, however, dramatically changes the structure, sitting atop it like a Lego toupée.

As indicated on the agenda, there are two outdoor bars—one on the roof deck, and one on the second story (in the lower left of the rendering below). The floor plans for the tasting room and roof deck area labeled “Sunstone,” so perhaps Santa Ynez’s Sunstone Winery is the tenant.

The proposed parking structure is a very L.A. black box, a departure for the neighborhood—and the city. On one hand, it could be a breath of fresh air. On the other hand, if you want to be in L.A., the 101 is right there. We’ll see what the Architectural Board of Review has to say about it….


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Alas, the transformation from the Funk Zone to the Drunk Zone will finally be complete. sad.


100% on brand Ray! Buy the building, price out all the surfboard shapers, skaters, fishermen, artists, designers, local bookstore owners and everyone and everything that made the Funk Zone…the Funk Zone, dump a McMansion on top of it, pray that the structure doesn’t sink into the silty oilfield its perched on, and call it “preservation”. Good luck!

Dan O. Seibert

Roof decks in the FZ would be great, but wtf? This was not approved in the redesign, and the car lift looks like a rat cage.

Claudia Peterson

This is downright disappointing. Hello, Los Angeles. Goodbye quaint Santa Barbara.

beth finkelstein

I recently moved here from NYC. One of the main reasons I loved Santa Barbara , aside from the beach, was the Funk Zone with it’s old time surf appeal, wineries, one of a kind boutiques and it’s straight out down to earth vibe. The whole area is warm and welcoming and DIFFERENT. I would be extremely upset if this went away. One of the best things, to me about this city which already has everything else. Changing the Funk Zone would be like getting rid of The Village or Soho in Manhattan. A shame. Please don’t change it.