A Beer Garden Is Opening in the Funk Zone

••• Thanks to Claire for sending over a photo of the new “Bier Garten” signage at 11 Anacapa, a thorough redo of a 12,000-square-foot warehouse. The renderings showed the sign, but I thought it might be a placeholder.

••• Cajé on E. Haley has opened an outpost inside the Villa & Vine wedding venue at the corner of State and Arlington, which you may know as the former Petros restaurant.

••• I was driving along Milpas wondering if there has been any progress replacing the cow atop Bossie’s Kitchen—I was among the donors to that GoFundMe—and lo and behold, the initiator of the fund drive, Dori Koehler, posted an update last month:

According to the president of the Santa Barbara Dons’ Alumni Association, they have met with the owner of the building twice. He asked them to research the construction process and come up with all the samples of cows that could be used. The alumni association met with a couple of artists who were a great help. They found life-sized cows made in SF and got competitive prices.

The owner even agreed to allow the kids to go up and paint the cow when they asked permission and he would therefore turn off the elaborate security system he plans on installing. A few days after the meeting is when there was a Facebook poll, and the SBHS alumni association responded with a consensus. Everyone who responded wanted Bossie back!

We are still working to get approval from the city.

All of this to say, we are still working on it! We appreciate all the support as we continue working with the project.

••• The famed Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley was destroyed by the Glass Fire, so it’s taking up residence for a couple months at the Ojai Valley Inn’s Farmhouse space. Reservations appear to have been snapped up almost immediately, but I was able to find some tables for four at off-peak times.

••• To promote its Club Oso de Oro, T.W. Hollister sent over two bottles of vermouth to try. I enjoyed sipping the dry version on the rocks—it brought back memories of Lillet—and the red one in various cocktails (Negroni, Boulevardier, Manhattan…), when it had been a longer day. The company included recipes for three spritzes, which were also appealing for times when you don’t want a high-octane drink. The vermouths are available online and at shops around town—I’ve seen it most recently at Handlebar—or sign up for the club and have it shipped quarterly to your home. There’s more on T.W. Hollister and founder Clinton Kyle Hollister’s deep ties to the area here and in this Independent article from 2019.

••• I expanded my collection of local merch with one of Bettina‘s new T-shirts. A pizza goddess is someone I can definitely worship.


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