Dispute Over Parking at New Funk Zone Restaurant

••• “Developer and property owner Ray Mahboob wants to renovate a building at 11 Anacapa St. to include a restaurant and retail space. […] Mahboob said his project will save the building from demolition. [… But the] Planning Commission approved a project at 11 Anacapa St. with fewer parking spaces [32] than called for under city guidelines [46].” So the city council will vote on it today. —Noozhawk

••• “The USGS reported a 2.7 magnitude earthquake near Lompoc [around] 9:56 p.m. on Monday.” This follows several last week in Ventura. —KEYT

••• “On Thursday, Nov. 14, the public will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop that could play a major role in determining the future of Baron Ranch and future recreational use along the Gaviota coast. […] Currently, the ranch is open only three days a week (Saturday-Monday), for hiking only. Dogs, equestrians and mountain biking are prohibited.” —Noozhawk

••• “California might not require solar panels on new homes, after all.” —L.A. Times

••• Edhat‘s tree of the month is the Chinese pistache: “In late November through December, this lovely tree provides a dramatic show of brilliant red, orange and yellow leaves [….] An additional bonus, for the holiday season, is its fall display of bright-red, berry-like, fruits. […] Mature Chinese pistache trees can be seen as street trees on Alan Road—and in Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden and lower Orpet Park. Younger street trees are found on Borton Drive, Fawn Place, the 400 block of West Padre Street, and the 1000 to 1300 blocks of Portesuello Avenue.”

••• The California coast once teemed with millions of white abalone. But overfishing, warming oceans, and predators devastated the species. Almost all are gone. Now scientists are trying to save this mysterious sea snail.” —L.A. Times

••• “Biologists are warning pet owners that they suspect wildlife at Pinnacles National Park are experiencing a deadly disease outbreak [of distemper] that can easily spread to dogs.” —Salinas Californian

••• An Edhat classic: “Suspicious circumstances with a large amount of hair in the roadway, 1600 Block of Shoreline Drive.”