A Tasting Room With Roof Deck Is Opening in the Funk Zone

••• Something to look forward to once the stay-at-home order is lifted: “Santa Barbara Sailing Center and Loquita have partnered for Dining at Sea—a glorious three-hour dinner and sail for small groups. This private dining experience on an open-air yacht in the Santa Barbara Harbor offers Loquita’s seasonal menu, drinks of choice and a vibrant selection of ingredients using the freshest options from local farmers. After dinner, the boat will cast-off from the docks to set sail into the sunset along Santa Barbara’s coastline. Pricing is $275 per person with a two-person minimum, six-person maximum.” Photo by Kate Winter.

••• The pandemic sure has encouraged people to monetize their love of cooking. Two more new cottage-industry food endeavors: Lola’s Lumpia (lumpia are essentially Filipino egg rolls) and Soup’herb (soups and sides). Both seem to use Instagram exclusively for orders.

••• We knew that the restored/rebuilt 11 Anacapa would have a beer garden, but apparently it’ll also have a wine-tasting room with a roof deck (if it gets allowed). On the agenda for the January 11 meeting of the city’s Board of Architectural Review: “The project involves converting 1,643 square feet of warehouse floor area to a wine tasting business, including a new 1,962-square-foot, 45-seat roof deck, a second-story storage area and bar.”

••• A profile of Rascal’s, the vegan restaurant currently doing a pop-up residency at Bibi Ji on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. —Independent

••• A profile of Section Wines: “Marco Lucchesi Infuses [his Italian] Upbringing into His Santa Barbara County Brand.” —Independent

••• As promised, I tried one of The Lark‘s dinners-for-two, braised beef cheeks (and a bunch of other stuff). It was the most satisfying non-pizza takeout I’ve had in months, even if the photo isn’t one of my best.


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Pam Shields

The Lark’s take out is delicious and I ordered the Cardamon buns for Christmas breakfast! The beer garden should absolutely have a wine bar on the roof! Thank you for your wonderful posts!