Enterprise Fish Co. Has Closed After 43 Years

••• Enterprise Fish Co. has closed for good. Its demise had been rumored for a while, and the building has been on the market. It opened in 1977. —Restaurant Guy

••• Little Dom’s Seafood is now shooting to open in Carpinteria this summer. It had initially said January, then pushed it to spring. The photo below is from December.

••• While I’m delighted to have restaurants reopened, I personally am not ready to dine inside anywhere. But my husband and I did sit outside at Oliver’s the other night, and it wasn’t nearly as weird and I feared it might be. You have to wear a mask till you’re seated, you’re handed napkin-wrapped cutlery (rather than having tables set in advance), and the whole staff is in masks, but beyond that, it was normal. (And it felt great to dine out!) Oliver’s has well-spaced tables anyway, and it was the restaurant’s first night with dine-in service, so there weren’t many other patrons, which helped.

••• It’s interesting to see how different establishments are going about making a safer environment. At Field + Fort, for instance, you flip a card on the table to let the staff know the table has been used. By the way, co-owner Kyle Irwin told me that F+F is planning on adding more tables outside, likely on the far side of the parking lot.

••• The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Paseo Nuevo has closed. —Restaurant Guy

••• Why it’s worth following a forthcoming restaurant on Instagram: you might get the chance to preview certain dishes, like these from Alessia Patisserie, which is coming to E. Canon Perdido. UPDATE 6/3: Just to be clear, this is not the café’s menu, just some items it was testing.

••• Similarly, Coast & Oliveopening imminently in the Montecito Inn—posted food photos taken by GM Ricardo Flores.


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