Coast & Olive Is Closing This Weekend

••• The sea change in Montecito restaurants continues: After four years, Coast & Olive in the Montecito Inn is closing; its last day is this Sunday, June 2. From the announcement:

Since our opening, Coast & Olive has been more than just a business; it has been a gathering place for friends and family, a hub of creativity, and a space where countless memories were made. We are incredibly grateful for the support and loyalty of our customers, who have made these past four years so special.

As we prepare for this transition, we want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to our dedicated staff, whose hard work and passion have been the heartbeat of Coast & Olive. Their commitment to excellence has been instrumental in shaping our identity and success.

While this chapter is coming to a close, we look forward to what the future holds. The Montecito Inn will be sharing good news soon about how the space will be roaring back in the near future.

••• Down the street, meanwhile, a help-wanted ad for the former Oliver’s space says that we can look forward to a “brasserie-style restaurant” named Bar Lou. (You’ll recall that the proprietor is Warner Ebbink of Little Dom’s Seafood in Carpinteria.) And there’s an Instagram account, too, with a logo. Of course, these things can always change….

••• Sushi Go Go at the harbor has reopened. —Restaurant Guy

••• Lilac Montecito is now serving breakfast and lunch (as well as dinner), and there are pastries, to boot. Here are the menus….

••• Does anyone know what’s happening with Fairview Gardens Farm? In June 2022, the Center for Urban Agriculture posted an explanation of what it hoped to achieve during its closure: “We are pleased to announce that under the leadership of Michael Ableman, the founder of the Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens and its originating farmer, we will be moving into a temporary pause to carry out a major redesign and fundraising campaign to rebuild the farm, restore the historic farmhouse, and make much needed major improvements to the farm’s infrastructure.” According to the campaign brochure posted online, the goal is to raise $15 million, and the plan was for a conditional use permit to be issued this summer. But I haven’t heard anything about it since, and weirdly for an organization trying to raise money, there’s no contact info on the website. UPDATE 6/2: “Yes, you are correct that we have launched a capital campaign to re-vision and re-build Fairview Gardens,” emailed Ableman. “As is often the case, the campaign will not go fully public until we have raised half of our total campaign goal. While we are making good progress, it is still early, and we have not yet reached that half-way point. There is also a signifiant amount of work being done on planning and design and the myriad of requirements for obtaining permits to move forward. The website does have a link to  our digital campaign brochure which has all contact information, but you are correct that the website itself does not. We will add that information.”

••• How come nobody told me that Santa Barbara Hives in Carpinteria is making croissants—and they look rather good? And also quiche, pizza, and more?


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We were regulars at Coast & Olive until they hired the new chef who dramatically changed the menu and increased prices. Looking forward to the next concept since we love that space. Big fans of Little Dom’s so pleased to see them take over Oliver’s. Lunched at Lilac and it’s really good with lots of options and reasonable prices so our new favorite breakfast/lunch spot. Now if only someone would open a good pan-Asian restaurant!


Speaking of pan Asian, I still mourn the passing of Empty Bowl’s Montecito restaurant on Coast Village. I love their food and it was nice to have a restaurant to go to and eat it rather than the hustle bustle of the Public market. We really need a great chinese restaurant, a bit disappointed that Oliver’s is going to become a French restaurant.


The pizza at SB Hives is very good. There’s a lot of pizza options in Carp but if you’re looking for real sourdough you can’t go wrong. That and they have a chocolate cake that is to die for and has 0 calories ????. It is definitely a hidden gem


There is information on page 14 of the Fairview Gardens Farm brochure. —-
How You Can Help
To make or pledge a donation, schedule an in-person meeting and tour of the farm, or to connect us with someone else in your network who would have the interest and ability to donate, please contact Taylor Herren at 661-303-4263 or [email protected]
Mailing Address: 598 N Fairview Ave., Goleta CA, 93117

The Center For Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens (CUAFG) is a 501 C3 non profit organization.
Tax ID: 93-1213893


I have lived near Fairview Gardens for over 30 years + enjoyed taking walks through the fields + greenhouses, bringing my grandchildren to play + climb in the glorious Mulberry Tree House, watching the school children’s projects, attending fun + informative events + shopping at the Farm Stand. It was humming + vibrant, enriching the lives of so many in our community. That said, it required an enormous amount of money, time, effort + vision to maintain it. I will continue to support Fairview Gardens, hoping that they’ll allow interested visitors to freely take walks again, enjoying a bit of wild nature. It would be wonderful if the garden could again be revived, once again an inspiring, enjoyable, beautiful, educational + delicious place for our community.


Coast and Olive started out excellently then over time it went down hill until finally, the food was terrible. We stopped going a year ago. Won’t be missed. Hope the new incarnation will be something other than Italian ( we have lots of good ones already) or Mexican (same reason).


I still miss the Montecito Cafe (Jane) that was there. It had great food and was always busy.


I agree! The food at the Montecito Cafe was wonderful and a wonderful addition to Montecito’s current offerings.

Debbie Jones

I’d it possible to get a hold of the spices mix Coast&Olive put on their popcorn?!?!