Another Catering Company Is Now Making Individual Meals

••• Catering is one of those industries having to reinvent itself: like Poe & Co., Duo Catering & Events is selling dishes via pickup and delivery. The offerings look quite tasty. (Above: Clay pot chicken.) And if you’ve been missing Roots Organic Farm at the Saturday farmers’ market, you can now buy its produce at Duo on certain days. The details are murky; best to follow Roots on Instagram for the next announcement.

••• From Sea Stephanie Fish: “We are reinventing our business, as restaurants were our biggest markets. But thank goodness to all of you, we are not starting completely from scratch. We are now a home delivery seafood business. We want you to STAY HOME and we can come to you. We leave seafood in your cooler at your door and you can Venmo for payment or put cash in a bag that we don’t touch. If you are in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta or Santa Ynez Valley we can deliver almost any day depending on our catch and the catch of our fellow SB fishermen. Just shoot us a text 805-708-4969 and we can bring you our fresh catch to your door. If you are in LA or Orange County we are doing home deliveries on Saturdays. Shoot us a text 805-708-4969 on Thursday evenings to get our weekly catch list. Right now in season: Red sea urchin, Purple sea urchin, ridgeback shrimp, abalone, ocean whitefish, thornyhead fish, oysters, crab claws, whole crab, Hope Ranch mussels, and spot prawns (super limited).”

••• Sama Sama Kitchen is now delivering.

••• “Cocktails should be ready by Friday!” says the Good Lion. “We will be doing to-go out of Shaker Mill with Cubaneo’s delicious Cuban sandwiches!”

••• Bree’osh‘s new location at 2700 De La Vina is open daily Wednesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to noon. Besides the pastries you already know about, the bakery is also selling quiche, croque monsieur sandwiches, flatbreads, and French onion soup—exactly the kind of comfort food that hits the spot these days.


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Others doing biz:
Restaurant Roy – Take out
Sushi GoGo in the harbor – takeout
Duo Catering is doing meals to go (maybe delivery)
Savoy Cafe – Secret TP location, 3 rolls max (and hot to-go food)
And let’s not forget our amazing Farmer’s Market with the best produce and meat in town.
… and, the Saturday fish market on the Navy Pier in front of Brophy’s restaurant.