Mony’s Has Gone on Hiatus

••• Mony’s has gone on hiatus.

••• But Handlebar Coffee Roasters decided not to close: “After much thought & talk with employees we will keep both cafes open 7 days/week limited hours 6:30-12noon. We will also still be providing free shipping on 2 bags or more ( and we have 5lb bags available) for anyone purchasing through our web store & lastly we will be providing the community a marketplace to buy items like TP, pasta, rice, beans eggs, oat & almond milk and all the essentials through both our cafes. The marketplace at both cafes will begin Tuesday.”

••• Here’s a list of notable restaurants that are still open—for takeout and/or delivery only, of course, and often with limited hours and/or menus. I’ll do my best to keep it updated. To find it in the future, just look for this graphic on

••• Poe & Co. is a catering/meal delivery company that delivers food to Santa Barbara on Tuesdays and Fridays. There’s a $120 minimum per order, so it’s a more viable option for larger households, but the food looks delicious.

••• Buena Onda points out that “a good option is to pick [empanadas] up frozen or cold so they can be stashed and baked fresh whenever you need them.” I can’t be the only one who’s tired of  cooking and looking for easy things to eat at home.

••• And Sama Sama Kitchen is now selling prepackaged cocktails to go.