The Revised Design for the New Police Headquarters

The new Santa Barbara Police Department headquarters goes back in front of the city’s Architectural Board of Review in a special meeting this Friday, February 12. The revised design—seen here for the first time—is less boxy and more Spanish Colonial than the initial foray, and the metal screens are gone. Architect Cearnal Collective has also added a lot of landscaping to either the design or the renderings; the effect is softer and more welcoming. (If this is all news to you, the city decided to build a new SBPD headquarters on the site of the Cota Commuter Lot at E. Cota and Santa Barbara streets, where the Saturday farmer’s market is held. Unless something has changed, the market is moving to the intersection of State Street and Carrillo Street.)

Without further ado, the renderings:

And the elevations:

The full plans are here.


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