First Look at the Design for the New Police Station

This coming Monday’s meeting of the city’s Architectural Board of Review includes the new police station, planned for the Cota Commuter lot (where the Saturday farmers’ market is). From the agenda:

Proposal for a new three-story, approximately 53-foot high, 65,000 square foot Police Station, and associated 37.5-foot high, 86,000 square foot parking structure to accommodate 244 parking spaces, at the existing 1.61-acre Cota Commuter Parking Lot. Each structure would also have a subterranean level. Eight additional surface parking spaces would be provided. Existing Police operations, currently located at four separate sites, would be consolidated at the new project site. Grading includes 22,000 cubic yards of export. A total of 24 Tipuana tipu trees and 6 oak trees would be removed. The existing MTD bus stop shelter on Cota Street would be relocated, along with the existing plaques commemorating the old Lincoln School. Following ABR Concept Review, the Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing to consider the required findings for a Community Benefit project to exceed 45 feet in height. Project requires Development Plan approval by the Planning Commission.

And we just got the first look at the design, by Cearnal Collective.

As you can see from the renderings—the full set of plans is here—it’s a little severe, although perhaps that’s admirable in a police station.

I wonder how the cage-like screen will go over.

And here are elevations:

UPDATE 11/13: Brian’s comment about the farmers’ market reminds me that not everyone may know that the city has landed on a new location for it—the intersection of State and Carrillo.


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