The Likely New Home of the Saturday Farmers’ Market

In an interview with KEYT about how various projects are proceeding during the pandemic, Santa Barbara Public Works director Rebecca Bjork said this about the Saturday farmers’ market:

“So far, we are still on course to continue with [the new police station at Cota and Santa Barbara] and the Farmer’s Market has identified their preferred site for re-location which I’m really excited about—it’s on Carrillo (the 0 blocks between Chapala and Anacapa and the adjoining State Street blocks) under the trees. It’ll be beautiful and shady. We are looking to see that we can make that work so we’re really excited on both counts.”

So it’s an X, extending one block every direction from State and Carrillo:

Anyone who has been to the Tuesday market knows what the State Street parts will feel like. The Carrillo parts should feel even better, because it’s a much wider street than State. Here’s Carrillo:

And here’s State:

Bjork also said that while the organizers of the Santa Barbara Certified Farmers’ Market would rather keep the market in its current location, they’re “looking at the benefits” of the new site. Given how much sway they’ve held in the process so far, they don’t seem to be in much of a position to object.


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One Comment


The X shape is very odd. There’s also something hugely unappealing about buying produce in front of Marshall’s and the filthy public bathrooms next door. I’ve seen human feces in front of that store multiple times, including on the columns and walls. Nothing magical about the current location so I don’t oppose a move, but this feels strange.