The Palms Building in Carpinteria Is Being Turned Into a Hotel

As if the proposed Surfliner Inn in downtown Carpinteria didn’t already have residents all riled up, now another hotel two blocks away is in the works. Local developer Miramar Group (Kim’s Service Dept., Waterline, Los Arcos) is buying 801 701 Linden Avenue, the building previously home to The Palms restaurant, with plans to convert it into a 17-room hotel. The ground-floor bar/restaurant will be operated by Good Lion Hospitality (Good Lion, Test Pilot, Shaker Mill, et al). Miramar and Good Lion Hospitality had been working on a similar-size hotel on State Street, adjacent to Paseo Nuevo, before deciding to put it on the market. They’ll be issuing a release soon, which may have more details.

UPDATE: E. points out that the headline should be “turned back into a hotel,” as the building was originally constructed in 1912 for that purpose. Photo courtesy the Carpinteria Valley Museum of History.


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Mr. Watching

They haven’t closed escrow and are still trying to come to an agreement with the seller.
The announcement is a bit premature.