The Cow Atop Bossie’s Kitchen Is Damaged Beyond Repair

••• In honor of its seventh anniversary, The Lark posted some neat historical photos. (Amazing that the Lark is only seven years old. It feels iconic.)

••• The cow atop Bossie’s Kitchen either collapsed (it was in bad shape) or got tipped over; either way, the restaurant says it’s damaged beyond repair. Maybe the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation can set up a GoFundMe to get it replaced…. UPDATE: Dori Koehler has created a GoFundMe.


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••• The farm-to-table restaurant that Katherine and Jason Lesh are opening in the Fosters Freeze space in Carp will be called The Good Plow. —Noozhawk

••• A branch of Lucky’s will open at the Malibu Country Mart, hopefully in mid-September.

••• Perhaps this is old news—I don’t stop by the organizers’ stand very often—but I was pleased to see that the Santa Barbara Certified Farmers’ Market is now selling reusable produce bags. I bought some years ago and I love them—nothing kills the feel-good farmers’ market vibe like a bunch of plastic bags.

••• A profile of Ocean Fathoms, which “dives deep to age fine wine in the waters off Santa Barbara.” —Santa Barbara magazine

••• From Metropolus Fine Foods: “When [we] opened 16 years ago we fully intended to be in the cheese business. I went to cheese school in New York and learned about cheese from Max McCalman and Daphne Zepos. Since Santa Barbara has lost a favorite place to buy cheese freshly cut from the wheel, we will try our best to fill that void. I know we can’t replace C’est cheese, but hopefully we can bring you some of the things you are missing. This week we have received Comte, Bucherondin, Raclette, St Marcellin, St Agur, Maytag blue, Robiola tre Latte, Garroxta, Ossau Iraty, Monte Enebro, French Salted Butter, and more. Is there something you’re craving? Reply to this post and we’ll let you know if we can set you up.” I fully support this! Here’s hoping the store can move enough product to keep prices reasonable.


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