The Cantwell’s Market Lot Is Slated for Development

••• On March 29, the Historic Landmarks Commission will discuss a four-story mixed-use building at 1529 State Street (Arrellaga), which is the same lot as 1533 State Street, the site of Cantwell’s Market & Deli. The plans have yet to be posted.

••• Via Maestra 42 owners Georges and Nicole Bitar have bought Chase Restaurant & Lounge. They plan on making improvements. —Restaurant Guy

••• La Paloma restarts lunch service this week (Wednesday through Friday), which is good news—it’s one of the prettiest spots in town. The menu is heavy on beef and chicken.

••• Sproutcraft Creamery is throwing a vegan dinner on March 31 at Courthouse Tavern: “During this journey, we will provide an elevated multiple-course prix fixe plant-based dinner to nourish all of the senses, in celebration of the seasonality of food and all that the Earth provides.”

••• Cat Cora is no longer involved with Mesa Burger—and the chain even took her name off the Cobb salad. —Restaurant Guy

••• 805 Foodie spotted a new Los Olivos tasting room in the works.

••• The Stonehouse restaurant at San Ysidro Ranch is offering its wine cellar as a space for private events. —Montecito Journal

••• Santa Barbara Restaurant Week is April 14-23, and “each participating restaurant will offer a prix-fixe menu that includes a $35 two-course lunch and $45 and $55 three-course dinner option. […] Proceeds from the event will be donated to ProStart, a two-year culinary arts and hospitality management program supported and managed by the California Restaurant Association Foundation. 140 public high schools in California (including our own San Marcos High School) use this curriculum and it reaches over 13,500 students every year.”

••• Corazón Comedor is now serving breakfast/brunch daily (except Monday), starting at 9 a.m. Here’s the menu.


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SB Democrat

I will not stand idily by why some FoxNews watching republitards continue to develop our city for their own personnel gain. These right wing racists think they can come in here with there monster trucks and build whatever they want with no regard for greenhouse gas emissions? They pay zero taxes and listen to Rush Limbaugh all day and we cannot allow these idoits to destroy are city. It takes a village and we must stop them.

Fellow Democrat

As a fellow Democrat I kindly ask that you take your political banter elsewhere. This is not the place for it. Perhaps Facebook or NextDoor will get you the interaction you’re looking for.


Wow SB Democrat!!! I thought the Republicans were the only ones that had gone batsh*t crazy until I read your illiterate and ill informed post. Creating more density (especially residential) may be the only thing that can save our beautiful State Street.

Sam Tababa

Glad that there are new owners of Chase that have actual food and restaurant experience. The food has always been good but albeit too rich for my tastes, and the place needs a cleaning and remodel, badly. It went downhill after the last owners bought it a few years back. I think they tripled their seating during Covid, providing a undeserved lifeline to a place that by most measures, was poorly run and on its last legs.

All that aside, Chase and SB will never been the same after we lost Todd last year. RIP to the best bartender and all around good guy. We miss you Toddy!


Startled to see that the endearing neighborhood market (Cantwell’s) is up for development. Anyone talk to the newly renovated Marriott Courtyard people about impinging on the city and ocean view from their spiffy rooftop spaces? Might go over like a lead balloon…. And why do we need a 4-story structure in the downtown grid? Seems that S.B. has worked pretty hard in the past 100+ years to prevent canyonization of downtown, which will ultimately obstruct everyone’s views – one of the reasons we love living here.


You do realize this town is in desperate need for housing, right? Times have changed.


Chill out Dan- it certainly isn’t rational to bulldoze everyones views in haste, due to guilt or lack of planning.


Next to that new tasting room is LOU’S Los Olivos- a woman’s boutique.


“ Via Maestra 42 owners George and Nicole Bitar”

His name is spelled with an s. Georges.

Meridith Moore

So happy to see that Corazon Comedor will have breakfast: if the chilequiles are as good as the ones at their cafecito in the Public Market, can’t wait!