Quality Grocery Staples at Handlebar Coffee Roasters

••• From Merci Montecito: “We are sad we couldn’t offer a traditional Passover menu for you, but we hope this gesture brings a smile to your hearts. To add a little sweetness to your Seder, Merci will deliver free chocolate covered matzo to anyone local who wants it for Wednesday evening. Just direct message or e-mail us your name and delivery address by Tuesday night [i.e., tonight].”

••• “Quick stops in some red zones now approved for food pickup during crisis conditions.” —KEYT

••• The Honor Bar now offers delivery, but only in Montecito. Below: Ding’s crispy chicken sandwich.

••• The Lark and Lucky Penny have decided to end their takeout program.

••• Pieology in Goleta has closed, and not just temporarily. —Restaurant Guy

••• Just a reminder that Handlebar has a lot of staples that supermarkets are often out of: flour, yeast, De Cecco pasta, Frantoia olive oil, kosher salt, Straus yogurt, eggs, rubber gloves, and more. Plus, good coffee, of course.