New Produce Stand at the Montecito Country Mart

••• The Montecito Country Mart has a new produce stand run by Mesa Produce: “Local produce available daily from 9am to 5pm. Curbside service available—a safe & healthy way to get fresh fruits & veggies.”

••• From Barbareño: “You can now get your essential groceries for pick up or delivery by Barbareño. Want to participate in the great toilet paper hoarding extravaganza?! Too bad! We have a limit of 4 rolls per order. Call or order online for your most needed groceries like rice, flour, butter, eggs, house-made sourdough, your favorite bottle of local wine and/or delicious prepared foods like tri-tip, mac and cheese, chicken noodle soup, animal potatoes and much, much more!”

••• Flor de Maiz is on hiatus, but it is donating “all gift card sales to our employees impacted by the restaurant closures due to Covid-19 mandates.”

••• The Santa Barbara Fish Market at the harbor reopened on Friday after a remodel. “The store is adjusting its outreach and will deliver an order, or drive up if someone doesn’t want to get out of a car. Inside, ‘we opened the shop up significantly. There is a lot more space for customers. It is a more beautiful environment to be shopping in.’ They also have a live tank now.” —KEYT

••• The Montecito Association’s indefatigable Sharon Byrne compiled this list of supermarkets offering senior hours:

Whole Foods – opening at 7 AM for seniors (aged 60+) every day. Closing 2 hours earlier to accommodate sanitizing and restocking.

Lazy Acres – Seniors (62+) shopping hours 6-7 AM daily. Store hours 7 AM to 7 PM daily

Costco: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-9 AM for seniors only, beginning March 24th

Gelson’s: 7-8 AM daily. You may be asked for ID, so don’t be offended! A lot of you have been keeping yourselves up very well in this community :)

Vons – 7-9 AM Tuesdays and Thursdays for seniors

••• The Sentinel has an article about a restaurant, Peasants Feast, that is (was?) scheduled to open April 1 in Solvang. Proprietors Michael and Sarah Cherney were once sous chef chef de cuisine and general manager, respectively, of Sides Hardware & Shoes. UPDATE: I just heard from Michael Cherney, who says they’re planning to offer curbside service at the start. He also points out that the restaurant’s name is styled peasants FEAST.

••• I’ve made a bunch of additions to the list of notable restaurants that are currently open in some capacity—including Harry’s Plaza Cafe, which is now selling 16-ounce cocktails in Mason jars.