First Look at the Menus for Taqueria La Unica and Three Monkeys

••• Three Monkeys, from the Empty Bowl folks, has opened at the Santa Barbara Public Market, reports Restaurant Guy. The menu online doesn’t have prices, so I went over and took a photo. Above: neua ping (beef skewers).

••• Maybe I simply hadn’t been to the Public Market in a while, but this was the first time I saw Shalhoob’s branding on the bar in the rear (which we knew was happening). That area has seven TVs, just FYI.

••• Taqueria La Unica—on upper State Street, next to Whole Foods—intended to open last week and then slammed on the brakes, but food photos keep getting posted online, so perhaps the restaurant is in an extended friends-and-family period. The other day, it implied it would be opening tomorrow (Monday), but the official word is that it may not. Maybe proprietors Carlos and Christian Luna (Los Agaves, Flor de Maiz) are hoping not to be overwhelmed at the start. In any event, here’s a peek at the menu, sans prices, courtesy someone on Instagram.

••• Satellite announced that its upcoming Natural Coast Wine Fest “will also be the launch of our new location! Shhhh. Details dropping ASAP!” So I asked whether it would be in addition to the State Street location or whether the restaurant is moving. “This will be a complimentary space focused on public and private events,” was the reply. UPDATE: “Reading about Satellite’s new festival, they dropped a hint that they’ll have an event space on Haley,” emailed L. “They also recommend wearing sunscreen so it must include outdoor space.” If I had to guess, I’d say it sounds like the former Simple Feast space in the Mill complex, but the listing is still live on the Hayes website. UPDATE: Peter thinks it’s the former Pure Order space at 410 N. Quarantina (Reddick/Gutierrez), which is no longer being listed.

••• Here’s to Ali and Jeremy Brieske for launching Ali’s List, “an online guide that features nearly 100 happy hours from food & drink establishments only in the Santa Barbara area.” Maintaining a comprehensive database is a lot of work, so take advantage of it!

••• Tamar will be “taking a hiatus while we navigate a brief period of transition [….] Stay tuned for upcoming pop-ups and events.”

••• Restaurant Guy says that fast-casual chain Luna Grill—which has a location on upper State Street—will open outposts in Isla Vista and Montecito, but there’s no indication of where the information came from or where exactly the restaurants will be. (I tried reaching out to the company and got no response.) IV makes sense; Montecito, less so. I can’t even imagine where it would go.

••• Hook & Press now has French crullers on Thursdays, while supplies last.


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Seven TVs. Oof.

I miss the old Wine+Beer space all the food options from the Market, super interesting beer choices, and most importantly, no TVs.

Peter Sullivan

I’m thinking the old Old brewery with bocce spot (Pure Order). Says Haley Corridor not actually Haley.

SB Democrat

We are truly bless to be a sanctuary city that reject’s the racist beliefs of the stupid republitards. If this was Texas the rednecks would run these Mexican restaurants out of town and we’d have nothing to eat but Caucasian skinhead food such as fried chicken. We are proud of are intelligent local politicians such as Hannah Beth Jackson and Das Williams. They are visionaries and we must keep them in power to combat global warming and racism from the FoxNews watching skinheads


The obvious trolling is a really tired schtick already and you’ve only been doing it a few days. Give up and move on.

Bettye Jones

There are many good psychotherapists in Santa Barbara. Please find one.


You really need to grow up and mature. Showing your ignorance is not pretty


Luna Grill – maybe the old Mesa Burger spot? Is that still available?

Peter Miller

I too miss the old wine plus beer spot. It had some character. The new spot just seems like a generic filler. It’s nice to have lots of options, it’s weird that the shalhoobs spot is in 2 spots.


A Luna Grill in Montecito would be such a welcome addition! Since Little Alex’s was pushed out, there are no affordable places for lunch or a quick dinner.


I really hope a Luna Grill would come to IV. Hummus Republic is good but not quite the same as LG. IV is in desperate need of some new spots to open.


SB Democrat,,,,,,Get a Life!!!Go Vegetarian…..Move to Russia!…Everyone is tired of reading your rantings