Fabulous Estate Sale in Los Olivos This Weekend

••• Treasured Estates is having one of its major estate sales this weekend. It’s open to the public Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., at 2354 Olivet Avenue in Los Olivos. (Join the Treasured Estates mailing list and you can get in on Friday.) The merchandise comes from the Abercrombie family, who once owned the famous Constantia estate in Montecito. It looks like there’s a lot of amazing stuff (and a lot of stuff in general).

••• Renderings have come out for the big battery array proposed for the corner of E. Gutierrez and Quarantina (catacorner from the electric substation).

••• Penske Projects has a pop-up gallery at the Montecito Country Mart through October 10: “A Peripheral Reverie [is] a group exhibition of twenty-two artists portraying moments, locations, figures, or artists themselves to grasp at windows to spirituality, joy, humor, and reflection.” Below: “Missed Reflections 3” by Honor Titus.

••• The other day, I saw a bird in distress out on our terrace. I called the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, which had me text over a photo (to make sure it wasn’t a baby songbird just doing its thing). They agreed that the bird appeared to be in bad shape, and they asked me to put it in a box and bring it in. I don’t know whether the bird survived, but I was glad to be able to do something to try and help it, and I happily gave the organization a donation. Anyway, just passing this on in case you spot an animal that needs assistance.

••• The renderings of Summerland Elementary School that the Summerland Citizens Association emailed the other day were outdated; the full set of updated ones is here.