Anacapa Island Will Likely Close to Visitors Next Fall

••• The Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation described its plan to spruce up the 1896 Moullet House at Santa Barbara Street and E. Canon Perdido (currently home to Panino): “We plan to reduce the amount of asphalt, expand the brick patio to restore the appearance of a front entry to this Victorian home, add above ground planters as vehicle barriers to expand outdoor dining, and restore a vintage planter and light fixture at the corner.” The organization needs $8,664 to reach its $10,000 goal; donate here. (Drawing by Anthony Grumbine.)

••• New drawings for Summerland Elementary School were released in advance of last night’s Summerland Citizens Association meeting. UPDATE 9/11 from the SCA: “The Summerland School plans that were shared with SCA membership earlier in the week were not the very latest revision. The newest, fully up to date plans that were shared and discussed at the Sept 9 SCA meeting are now accessible” here. I’ve replaced the renderings that used to be below with new ones.

••• From Channel Islands National Park: “Superintendent Ethan McKinley announced today the beginning of the design planning process to replace the existing deteriorating dock at Anacapa Island to improve visitor access and safety. To improve safety, the new dock will have a vertical lifting platform that will allow visitors and park staff to easily move from vessels to the landing dock. This new lift system requires widening the dock footprint by approximately six feet. The new dock, designed to last 50 years, will be about two feet higher than the existing landing with the ability to later be raised an additional three feet in the event of sea level rise. […] Anacapa Island will be temporarily closed to the public while construction takes place. Construction is estimated to occur in fall 2021.” There’s no estimate as to how long the island might be closed. The link above has info on a virtual meeting on September 23 to discuss the project.

••• From Caltrans: “Caltrans District 5 is accepting public comments on a proposal to remove the Alamo Pintado Creek Pedestrian Bridge adjacent to Foxen Canyon Road and Railway Avenue in Los Olivos.” Some background:

The Alamo Pintado Creek Pedestrian Bridge was constructed in 1912. In 1971, a new bridge structure—Alamo Pintado Creek Bridge (bridge number 51-0076Y)—was built […] 40 feet upstream from the original structure. At that time, local citizens contacted the State to leave the 1912 structure so it could be used as a pedestrian/equestrian trail bridge. Concrete footing encasements were built around the pile caps of the existing structure. However, these encasements eventually became exposed and undermined.

Today, the old Alamo Pintado Creek Pedestrian Bridge is used by pedestrians, bicyclists, and equestrians. Critical scour of the pile and pier foundation has caused settlement of the bridge deck. A bridge inspection on September 28, 2011 was used to prepare a Bridge Needs Report dated March 29, 2012. The report determined the abandoned bridge is no longer stable with respect to gravity load, and the bridge is sinking slowly at the supports. In the inspection report, recommendations were made to retrofit the bridge or simply remove the bridge. Since those recommendations were made, it has been determined that this area of Alamo Pintado Creek is designated as a floodway, which means the channel capacity cannot be reduced. Retrofitting the substructure would require constructing foundation elements within the channel, which would affect the hydraulic capacity of the creek.

••• This week’s SBIFF Film Talk has another local film: “Director Ryan Slattery will be discussing his film Crossing the Channel, about Rachel Horn’s attempt to swim 12.4 miles across the Santa Barbara Channel without a wetsuit or a break. Register here for the discussion on September 10.


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