Is the Bridge Over San Ysidro Creek Ever Going to Get Repaired?

Are there any plans to fix the bridge that used to link San Ysidro Lane and E. Mountain Drive, before the debris flow destroyed it? It was a handy way for residents on the E. Mountain side to reach the Ranch for dinner. —F.

The folks at San Ysidro Ranch said the project is under review by the county, and directed me to the Public Works Department.

“The current status of the bridge near San Ysidro Ranch is that we are working on the foundation design of the bridge,” emailed public information officer Lael Wageneck. “If we get the funding, we are hoping to put out the bid for the bridge this winter and then start construction in the spring or summer of 2020. If the funding does not come through, we would have to reassess the project.”

That led to a follow-up question: Where would the funding come from?

“The short answer is we are working through the process with FEMA for funding that would allow this project to move forward. The longer answer is that FEMA could provide funding for an ‘alternate project.’ This means we could receive funding from FEMA for equipment that would help address disaster response in Montecito. If we receive that funding, it would free up County Transportation funding—which comes mostly from state and local taxes—for the new bridge.”

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