Another Santa Claus Lane Shop Is Closing

••• The Rowan boutique on Santa Claus Lane will close October 31 after a 10-year run; in the meantime, everything in the shop is 20 percent off. (The new Ventura outpost remains open.)

••• The Music Academy of the West is getting with the times: the fundraising arm known for 69 years as the Women’s Auxiliary is now open to men, and as a result, the name has been changed to the Auxiliary.

••• A member of the Montecito Association spotted a flyer about how the county is considering adding bike lanes and decomposed-granite paths along Channel Drive and over to Miramar Beach.

••• Santa Barbara Hives says its new store at 3328 State Street in San Roque should open October 20.

••• The Santa Barbara Police Department is looking for volunteers: “The volunteers contribute to public safety–community relationships by assisting the Santa Barbara Police Department in various non-enforcement capacities that promote the community-oriented policing philosophy of the department.” Volunteers “regularly walk and assist on State Street, Milpas Street, and the Waterfront, interacting with community members and tourists. They assist the department with traffic control duties, special events, assist the investigative division, help with recruiting events, work as a greeter at the police department lobby, and many other essential tasks to support department effectiveness.”

••• The Jazz at the Ballroom folks are back at the Lobero on December 2 with a holiday revue called Holiday In. (The name sounded good at the time?) While I could’ve done without the comedy bits, I really enjoyed the music at their last visit a few weeks ago. Use the code “TINSEL20” to get 20% off the ticket price.

••• “Any idea on the former QAD campus?” asked K. “I saw some permit signs up there but they are quite conspicuously posted off to the side of the main entrance.” Those signs are actually fairly old and related to gas-line upgrades, and the University of California—which paid $104 million for the property in June—has been mum about its plans for the 28-acre site. Perhaps you know something…? All tips are anonymous.

••• Opening October 7 at the Santa Barbara Museum Natural History: “A captivating display of original antique prints [tracing] the history of illustration of the owl family.”


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I am very curious about the total cost of all these bicycle pathways, tunnels, bridges being built. I’m sure the serious bike rider membership may increase, slightly. Where can I find a total accounting. I believe it’s fun way to spend our tax dollars but I’m curious on why the elements of our society are being ignored? Walkers? E bikes, scooters? Handicapped people? I see in other cities where they build bike pathways next to the railroad tracks. I know how much the local governments live to chainsaw down trees, here are areas where it’s a straight shot.

Erik Torkells

I couldn’t begin to tell who you might have a total accounting, as some of these are overseen by the city and others by the county. And the money comes from many sources (local, state, federal…). The theory is presumably that the more people ride bikes, the less they drive cars.


The new multi-use paths are designed for walkers, runners, ebikes (if they qualify) as well as kids on bikes, bike commuters and serious cyclists. It’s important to build the infrastructure for alternate transportation, especially as our roads become over crowded with cars and gas prices continue to rise.

Dean Carter

The funding depends on the project. Some are funded by the transportation department, some local government … and may have of the trails around SB are funded by the generosity of the community and people who live here. It’s not too difficult to look online to find out where you can personally donate to support projects you want to see funded.