Another Donut Store Is Opening Downtown

••• Onus Donuts is opening at 413 State Street (between Haley and Gutierrez). They look like cake donuts, as opposed to the yeast donuts you find at Hook & Press. Here’s hoping the classic old-fashioned donut is in the lineup. —Restaurant Guy

••• A rep for Little Dom’s Seafood, opening around January in Carp, says the Cajun part of the description is not accurate. Instead, we should expect “a classic Italian restaurant with a seafood-forward menu.”

••• “The city of Santa Barbara is going to do more public outreach before moving forward with major changes in its mobile street vending ordinance. […] The city is attempting to regulate the street vending from vehicles because the current ordinance bans vending from vehicles on all city streets, which conflicts with state law. Instead, the city is trying to craft an ordinance with rules and regulations, but doesn’t ban them outright.” —Noozhawk

••• Stone Age Chinese restaurant on Milpas has closed. Always loved that name, which conjured up chefs using hand-hewn utensils…. —The Restaurant Guy

••• From Bettina: “We’re throwing a block party on Saturday, November 9, in honor of our one-year anniversary. We’re partnering with the Santa Barbara Culinary Experience and some of our besties to raise money for the Julia Child Foundation.”