Could Little Dom’s Seafood Debut as Carp’s Best Restaurant?

••• Little Dom’s Seafood, a spinoff of Little Dom’s in L.A., is expected to open in Carpinteria in January. Located at the former Sly’s space (686 Linden), it’ll be “an Italian seafood restaurant with a Cajun twist.” That sounds like one concept too many, and yet it could still debut as Carp’s best restaurant. [UPDATE 10/31: A rep for the restaurant says the Cajun part is not accurate, and we should expect “a classic Italian restaurant with a seafood-forward menu.”] The competition is not exactly fierce. Above: Little Dom’s famous fried potatoes. —Eater

••• Edhat ran a press release from the Santa Barbara district attorney announcing a $5,000 judgment against Lazy Acres for mislabeling a cheese pizza: “The civil complaint alleges that Bristol Farms listed the ingredients as flour, water, olive oil, sugar, yeast, and salt, yet failed to include several other ingredients including soybean oil and high fructose corn syrup.” News to me: Lazy Acres is owned by Bristol Farms.

••• Ca’ Dario Pizza on E. Victoria Street has closed. —Restaurant Guy

••• Four Seasons chefs Michael Patria (of the Biltmore) and Erik Anderson (of the forthcoming Napa resort) have been collaborating at the Coral Casino’s Tydes Restaurant. It’s only open to club members and hotel guests, but the menu “is a precursor of likely changes coming to the Bella Vista, the Biltmore’s flagship restaurant. Long home to an Italian-focused menu, don’t be surprised if there’s a shift toward more seafood and fresh fare in the months to come under Patria’s supervision.” A welcome change, to be sure, but the room has to be fixed, too. —Independent

••• Crème and punishment at Café Ana.