A Peek Inside the Mesa Burger on Coast Village Road

••• Two upcoming opportunities to better your baking: Bree’osh’s sourdough brioche class on March 7 (above), and Bettina’s sourdough bread class on March 22. Right: Bettina chef Brendan Smith.

••• “Scheduled to open February 12, the creators of Kyle’s Kitchen are launching their newest concept, Kyle’s Protein Grill” in Goleta. “Three incredible clean proteins [are] the star of the menu: Mary’s Organic Free-Range Chicken, Harris Ranch Steak, and Impossible Plant-Based Meatballs. These proteins can be combined with chef-inspired sides to be served as plates, crafted into sandwiches on Kyle’s housemade brioche baguette, or added to a wide variety of freshly prepared salads.” —Restaurant Guy

••• The Mesa Burger on Coast Village Road was hoping to open this spring, but it has a long way to go.

••• The Mill, the development at Haley and Laguna, posted this: “Spaghetti Suppers are back at Potek—Chef Bryan Foehl is back at it! Wednesday, February 19, from 6-8 p.m.” They’re apparently the third Wednesday of every month. From Potek: “We’ll have homemade spaghetti (noodles from scratch), meatballs (on the side), homemade bread, salad, and of course, plenty of wine will be available.” Register here; tickets are $20 for adults (no wine) or $30 (one glass of wine); $10 for kids.

••• I had a lovely meal at Café Ana on Saturday night, during the restaurant’s first weekend of dinner service. As you can see below, the menu is concise, and co-owner Julian Sanders said that they plan on keeping it that way. I’m all for it: better to do a handful of dishes well than to do many mediocrely. For now, the restaurant is only serving dinner on Fridays and Saturdays; reservations are available.