A Gelato Shop Is Opening in Ojai

••• Many restaurants have reopened for outdoor dining, some with limited hours or service, and many plan to do so in the next week or two. We’ll see a few improvements this round, too: The Lark says it’s expanding its patio, while Bettina is looking into making its courtyard tables less of a picnic experience, with actual tableware and possibly servers.

••• Sanders & Sons Gelato (pictured at top) is opening a scoop shop in Ojai this spring: “We make our gelato from scratch at our micro dairy in Ojai, using organic cream, milk and eggs, fresh fruit from locally owned farms, focusing on local, seasonal flavors.” It’s been sold by the pint at Beacon Coffee for a while now. (H/T @805foodie.)

••• Another cottage-industry food business for your radar: SB Brownie Babes: “We are Santa Barbara locals by way of the Goodland and met in high school. One of us, Nikki, took off for culinary school, while the other, Samantha, set forth to travel the world and pursue public health. 10 years later their paths reconnected and the two found a shared passion for 5k races and began catching up over evening runs, where they talked about everything, including desserts! They started leaving baked goods on one another’s doorsteps. With a little push, Samantha was the turning point that convinced Nikki her baked badassery could not be contained to only one friend’s doorstep.” I think you must order by DM on Instagram.

••• Barbareño has introduced what it’s calling dinner kits, “a four-course menu that includes some of our favorites, prepped and packaged for you to take home and finish in whatever style you like! This is the first of a few menus we will be rolling out, vegetarian options to follow.” I’m a fan of takeout that requires a bit of work at home, even if it means more cleanup, because you get to plate the food and enjoy it hot.

••• A note on the door at State Street Coffee says that “due to the recent increase in Covid-19, for the safety of our staff we will be closed till further notice.”

••• Two healthier takes on a burrito to consider: The Luna Burrito at Satellite (“Es Muy Loco! Fully vegan and fully delicious”) and the Crack Burrito at the Food Liaison (pictured below, with “achiote chicken, Spanish rice, crispy kale, refried pinto beans, queso, pickled red onion, and chipotle aioli on a flour tortilla”), which you can order without the chicken.


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