Updates on Two Other Big Funk Zone Projects

••• As promised in the post about the big SOMOfunk development in the Funk Zone, I looked into the “proposed hotel” nearby that was mentioned in the materials. Located at 101 Garden Street—where there are currently a lot of shipping containers—the 250-room hotel would run the length of the block, from E. Yanonali to E. Cabrillo, excluding a few buildings along Garden Street. The Cearnal Collective, which worked on the project (the sketch above is taken from the Independent’s August 2019 article), said it’s currently on hold. The developer is Woodbridge Capital Partners.

••• While checking in on the hotel, I asked the Cearnal Collective (which also designed SOMOfunk) about another Funk Zone project it’s designing, the market/restaurant/retail complex at 301 E. Yanonali (northeast corner of Garden). It, too, is on hold, although it did get approval by the Planning Commission. (The sketches below are a bit out of date.) I take comfort that one architecture firm is doing all three projects, because it’s likely thinking in terms of a master plan for that part of the Funk Zone even if the individual developers are not.

••• Lotusland reopens to the public on May 20.

••• The Montecito Association emailed about a food drive today organized by Westmont. In exchange for non-perishable food, you’ll get “a bag of ten to twenty individually wrapped rolls of toilet paper.” Presumably the college is burning off its stores of toilet paper for a good cause. “Bring your bag of food to the Coast Village Road branch of Montecito Bank & Trust between 9:00 and noon, for a non-contact exchange,” or email/text montecitofoodbankdrive@gmail.com or 805-450-5971 to have the exchange done at your place. Finally, you can donate online: “In the comment field, write ‘TP’ and your address if you would like a delivery to your home, or write ‘93108’ and we will donate your TP to the 93108 Fund for laid-off Montecito hourly workers.” The Foodbank is especially looking for nut butters, canned protein, beans, cereals, pasta, and canned tomatoes.

••• It’s fascinating to watch real estate agents use our new reality to market properties. Example 1: an email with the subject line, “Looking for the perfect place to Zoom?” The text goes on to point out that there’s room for a Peloton. Example 2: a townhouse presented as “a RENTAL alternative to highly impacted COVID19 urban areas.”

••• All photography at Mate Gallery is 25% off. This one is a favorite.