Tyger Tyger Founding Chef Daniel Palaima Has Left

••• Tyger Tyger‘s founding chef, Daniel Palaima, has left the restaurant, the city, and even the country. (All he would say is that he’s working on a new venture abroad.) His cooking has been some of the most interesting in the area, and I was always hoping that someone would give him a bigger, more serious space. Acme Hospitality says the menu will remain the same.

••• The Restaurant Guy has one of his periodic rundowns of restaurants (and two supermarkets) slated to open in the near-ish future. I don’t think there’s anything new of note. The Bristol Farms’s website page for the La Cumbre location says the store will debut this fall, and it lists an event on December 7, but when I reached out to the company, I was told that the best we can hope for is “early 2020.”

••• Not included on that list, but posted on the Restaurant Guy site: Sevtap Cellars is opening a tasting room at 23 E. Canon Perdido.

••• Because the Avocado Festival will be setting up in its usual spot, this Thursday’s Carpinteria farmer’s market will be in the Amtrak station parking lot, off Linden.

••• Speaking of farmer’s markets, last Saturday’s one in Santa Barbara was the first time I’d seen a yuzu—not just at the market, but anywhere. The citrus fruit is common in Japanese and Korean cooking, as well as cocktails. I can’t remember the name of the farm, but it was in the row farthest from Cota Street; the farmer said the season is just starting, so I’d presume he’ll have yuzus this weekend, too.