Trippy Playground Proposed for Dwight Murphy Field

••• “The city’s Architectural Board of Review on Monday got a look at the latest plan for the all-abilities play structure headed to Dwight Murphy Field [….] The overall plan for the park includes a regulation-size soccer field, a youth baseball field, an outdoor fitness area, new sidewalks around the park, new restrooms, lighting, and an all-abilities playground.” The rendering reminds me that I still haven’t gotten around to trying psychedelics. —Noozhawk

••• Five more cruise ships till we get a break for the summer. —John Palminteri

••• Noozhawk has more on the apartment building proposed for the Los Carneros/Calle Real roundabout, as well as a medical office building at Storke Road and Santa Felicia Drive.

••• “An Inside Look at Santa Barbara County’s $1.5 Billion Budget [….] Property taxes provide the county’s largest revenue source, with a 10 percent increase from last year to $293 million overall. And while two out of the ‘big three’ tax revenue sources saw a similar increase—transient occupancy tax revenue increased by 16 percent to $17 million and sales tax revenue increased by 6 percent to bring in $15 million—cannabis continues to stick out like a sore green thumb with a 54 percent decrease to a projected revenue of $7.5 million (for context, in 2021-22 the county projected cannabis to bring in more than $19 million, but it actually made only $8.7 million; last year, it failed to meet the projected revenue of $16.3 million and brought in an all-time low of $6.7 million).” —Independent

••• The proposed Platform Santa Barbara development in the Funk Zone “received mostly favorable comments from the city’s Historic Landmarks Commission during a concept review last week and is next headed to the Santa Barbara Planning Commission.” Let us pray that one commissioner’s wish—”more bold colors in the design”—doesn’t happen. —Noozhawk

••• “History was made Saturday as the first male [Jack Harwood, 19, of Goleta] was selected to serve as the Spirit of Fiesta for Santa Barbara’s annual Old Spanish Days Fiesta.” —Noozhawk

••• “Hundreds Sign Petition to Save Original Hangars at Santa Barbara Airport [….] SBA director says an analysis is underway to determine whether it’s feasible.” The photo below is from 2021. —Noozhawk


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Sam Tababa

Raze the hangers. They’re dilapidated old buildings. If they’re important to you. Take some pics. Look at pics. Get warm and fuzzy feeling of longing for the past… take a nap.
There is an overblown sense of nostalgia in SB that drives far too many “historical” registries. Just because it’s old, doesnt mean it’s worth saving. In fact, most old buildings and structures are not worth the effort let alone the cause.


“Trippy” is a misguided term for a very intention, long-dreamt up space for ALL kids to play. It’s a creative design with a long fundee tree aiding effort to bring sb an inclusive playground.


I drove by the story poles today at Los Carneros / Calle Real. I have NO idea how they will fit 14 one-bedroom apartments, an office, and parking for all those tenants in the space. Nutty.