Apartment Building Proposed on the Los Carneros Roundabout

••• “Any idea what’s being built near Captain Fatty’s on Los Carneros Road?” asks T. There was nothing posted at the site (on the N. Los Carneros/Calle Real roundabout), but I found the address online, along with this description on the City of Goleta’s Planning and Environmental Review website: “The proposed project at 6491 Calle Real is for new mixed-use development on a vacant 0.53-acre lot. The development would comprise 14 one-bedroom residential units, ranging in size from 587 to 869 square feet, and one commercial office space of 585 square feet.” Here’s a rendering.

••• “Do you know what’s going on with 2905 De La Vina?” asked M. “It’s next to Los Agaves. They have been working on it for a few weeks. It used to be a barre studio.” That’s the offices for Los Agaves Restaurant Group; the company is renovating.

••• The husband-and-wife team at Cove House—who refurbished and sold 3026 Serena Road in Samarkand, and whose San Roque renovation will presumably hit the market soon—debuted their next project on Instagram. (UPDATE: The plan is not to sell the San Roque house.)


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••• Goleta’s Raymond Music—”a full-service music store offering sales, rentals, lessons, repairs, and much more”—is having a grand opening celebration from noon to 5 p.m. on April 29.

••• Ikat and Pearls, which has shops in Ventura and Ojai, has opened an outpost on Linden Avenue in Carpinteria.

••• Wildflower report from L.: “On Tuesday, I followed the ranger guide and drove up Figueroa Mountain Road just a little past the Ranger Station to the most amazing wildflower hill roadside (no Grass Mountain Billy goat hike required and only 30 minutes or so from ‘downtown’ Los Olivos). Recommend readers go during the week to avoid crowds given the narrow winding road and limited parking (roadside)… All worth it!”

••• The owners of Heritage Goods & Supply in Carpinteria have written a new book: The Children’s Heritage Sourcebook: 100+ Back-to-Roots Activities for Kids & Teens.The activities, eighty-five recipes, and projects are complementary and pertinent to the curriculum of kindergarten through eighth grade, with some specific to the teen years. Seasonal cooking, pickling, and gluten-free sourdough making; natural history and information on raising and caring for animals like horses, quail, dogs, and rabbits; and craft and garden activities such as natural dyes, wreaths, flower crowns, and making your own herbal soap and skincare are all included.”

••• Ryan Adams and the Cardinals play the Arlington Theatre on October 7. Adams has a problematic past, but I’ve always loved this song. (It starts at :38.)


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Why are they building a bunch of high rent one bedrooms when we are trying to find space to build a bunch of housing and low income housing for the shortage we are facing? This blows my mind yet we say we don’t have space to build. This is proving We have plenty of spots like this and bigger throughout Goleta and Santa Barbara, if we are going to start popping up apartments like this!

Normal Person

You are free to spend your time and money buying land, hiring architects, procuring permits, and contractors to build an apartment building and then rent them out at below market rates to low income households. How many people do you think will build something they know they would lose money on?


Really, that’s the best justification you can come up with, “normal” (lol, so out of touch, btw)? I bet you call yourself “christian”, too.


Normal? He never said that. Btw, I call myself “Brian”.


Tess: Agreed! And talk about car-dependent housing out there in that odd no man’s land. Will it have 14 tenant parking spaces available? It must, because there’s zero street parking!

The description from the City’s website further states, “The lot is located on the southeast corner of the Calle Real/Los Carneros roundabout and is zoned Office Institutional (OI).”

Doesn’t sound like it’s zoned for housing. Maybe because it’s a goofy spot!

Mark Rosenthal

The rendering of the Los Carneros Roundabout mixed-use structure can be found on the first page of a book called ‘Architects Who Tried to Kill California’. It is a lazy clump of boxes with absolutely no respect for the city, or the land. Its initial sin is facing away from the street (the demonic sign of a Strip Mall). But it is compounded by no attempt for rhythm or unity. Low cost construction does not have to be hideous. There are vernaculars with Industrial, folk, and Farm designs that are inexpensive. This architectural firm should be sent to Houston where no one cares ‘bout nothin’!


Well said Mark! Lazy design, ugly. Only a computer could come up with this and only an esthetically insensitive human could approve it. Goleta send them back to the drawing board… FWIW – I think the location is perfect use.


Totally agree Mark! Very tasteless design that does not blend in well with the rural feel of the surrounds.


Who wrote “Architects Who Tried to Kill California”? I can’t seem to find it on Amazon.

Melissa Wall

The Heritage Goods and Supply book for children is fantastic. I just reordered after receiving my first one. Going to give as Mothers Day gifts for my daughters to share with my grandchildren. Also they do have a second store in Solvang.
What a nice and clever bunch of people associated with the business.

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