There’s a Big Sale This Saturday at C’est Cheese

••• Mesa Verde is now closed on Mondays. Next time you go, try the oyster mushroom dish. I don’t know how the restaurant gets them so crispy.

••• This Saturday, October 5, everything* is 25% off at C’est Cheese. Unfortunately, I learned about this after I did my big cheese buy, but I’ll be back anyway. I can take care of a lot of holiday shopping, not just with cheese-related stuff as seen below, but the pretty things in the Maison Rouge part of the store. (*Except “catering orders, gift box orders or cheese class tickets.”)

••• Oku restaurant on E. Cabrillo is open, says the Restaurant Guy. The menu is pan-Asian, and there’s a sushi bar.

••• I love how Bossie’s Kitchen has carafes, as well as glasses, for water. (P.S. Thanks to our magical climate, BLT season has a way to go—and if you’re going to have one, it really ought to be good. In my opinion, the version at Bossie’s has no competition.)