The University of California Bought the QAD Campus

QAD’s spectacular 28-acre bluff-top campus between Montecito and Summerland has sold for $104 million—and real estate insiders have confirmed that the University of California is the buyer.

The University of California reportedly intends to occupy the campus, but whether the plan is for classrooms or housing remains unknown. The latter would seem unlikely, since the location isn’t exactly convenient, but UCSB is famously in dire need of housing. And the QAD campus does already have a beach volleyball court….


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I bet they put executive administration there or a tech park for one of their high-revenue international degrees/programs. How wonderful to be in that location.

Cynthia Beard

Let’s hope to god for the town of Summerland that they don’t put student housing.

Mark Shields

Art Department! ~ The original QAD project design was an Architectural competition won by Andy Neumann’s firm with my assistance as a design consultant. Included in the concept was an infinity pool that faced Fernalds but was lost to value engineering!


That great news and a fitting acquisition for a company that was a founded by two UCSB Alumni. I hope they do honor Karl by keeping the Volleyball court


Seems like a natural fit to use at least some of this as UCSB graduate student housing, with an emphasis on engineering/tech grad students in particular – what an absolute coup in recruiting and retaining such students in the future.


Faculty housing complex to attract scholars? At least those who surf :):)