The Rental Market Is Really Heating Up

••• If you need proof that the rental market is heating up—as people in L.A. and San Francisco realize that they won’t be traveling this summer, at least not farther than here—check out newly listed 1411 School House Road. It’s asking $40,000 per month for a house that’s nice but hardly spectacular.

••• Meanwhile, El Hogar, the cool George Washington Smith property at 240 Middle Road (it was the architect’s first house), didn’t get the memo. It’s back on the rental market for the same $15,000 as last time.

••• I rode my bike by 351 Woodley, the otherworldly bunker under construction by Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin. This part looks sort of the same

…but this part has grown what I assume is a giant oculus. If the project is new to you, do check out the renderings. It’s pretty fantastic.

••• Thanks to the reader who pointed out I was mistaken about 860 San Ysidro Road, where a Studio William Hefner house is in the works. The lot isn’t visible from the street; what you see is 850 San Ysidro Road. I’m not sure how I missed the entrance (at left in the photo below). Anyway, corrections are always welcome.

••• One can’t fault the Montecito Association for its energy during the pandemic, but suggesting that trailhead parking be closed to non-residents smacks of raising the drawbridge so the serfs can’t attack the castle. If the garbage cans are overflowing, better solutions might be to empty them more often or add a new one.

••• Loved this ham hock artwork in the Funk Zone.