The 93108 Fund Has Handed Out $40,000 to Hourly Workers

••• Marsha Kotlyar’s MK Real Estate Group spotted another sign of these times: a Little Free Library on Via Diego by Hope Elementary School that’s stocked with toilet paper (above). And generous minds evidently think alike. From Edhat: “Suzanne Cuddy, a resident in the Oak Park neighborhood, maintains the Little Free Library in the 2100 block of Bath Street. […] Cuddy decided to temporarily turn her library into a ‘Little Free Pantry’ to assist neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic. […] Neighbors have helped out by donating items and produce from their garden.”

••• A nice new T-shirt design from Island View Outfitters, for those of us who miss the islands. Buying holiday gifts now is another way to help local businesses.

••• The former Pine Trader Antiques store at 2345 Lillie Avenue in Summerland is now Summerland Oriental Rugs, which used to be across the street. Speaking of which, I still miss Cafe Luna….

••• What looks like one vacant lot at 850 San Ysidro Road is actually two vacant [see below] lots, with 850 along the road and 860 a flag lot on the far side. Yesterday’s meeting of the Montecito Board of Architectural Review included this at 860: “Request of Studio William Hefner, architect for the owners, 860 San Ysidro, LLC, to consider Case No. 20BAR-00000-00031 for conceptual review of a new single family dwelling of approximately 4,730 square feet, an attached garage of approximately 810 square feet, a pool cabana of approximately 498 square feet, a sports pavilion of approximately 367 square feet.” UPDATE 4/19: I had a brain blip. While the lot for 860 is indeed on the other side of 850, you can’t see it from the road, and the house has yet to be demolished.

••• The 93108 Fund has handed out $40,000 so far to hourly wage earners in Montecito affected by the pandemic, and it can use your help. (Full disclosure: We donated.) All donations go straight to the workers; there’s no organizational overhead. The very least you can do is eat Bettina’s pea pizza, because through April, $1 from each pie goes to the fund. Plus, the pizza is one of the best Bettina has ever offered, which is saying something.

••• The five-year old in me loves this kind of thing.

••• A few recent sales of note: 843 Knapp Drive in the Arcady Estates area of Montecito quickly sold for $2.825 million, having been listed at $2.9 million.

2303 Bella Vista Drive sold for $4.25 million, having been on and off the market a lot since 2008, when it first came on at $7.45 million. It was most recently at $5.15 million.

4050 Mariposa Drive in Hope Ranch sold for $4.169 million, having started at $4.85 million and coming down to $4.49 million.